King's Business - 1940-03


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

March, 1940

INSURANCE MINES, MacKEIGAN & HILKER, 448 S. WILL St., Log Angeles, Calif. Page 106.__________ . LANTERN SLIDES C. WHITFIELD SIMS, 6176 MYOSOTIS, LOS Angeles, Calif. Page 117._______________________ MANUSCRIPTS WANTED NEW METHOD PUBLISHING CO., 448 SOUTH SPRING St., Log Angeles, Calif. Page 108. MARKET RALPHS GROCERY COMPANY, LOS ANGELES, Calif. Page 116.____________________________ . MISSIONARY EQUIPMENT MONTGOMERY WARD, CHICAGO, ILL. PAGE 108. ______________ MISSIONS ________ ___ AMERICAN BOARD OF MISSIONS TO THE Jews, Inc., 31 Throop Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Contents page. ________________________________ THE AMERICAN MISSION TO LEPERS, INC., 156 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. Page 103. NEW YORK JEWISH EVANGELIZATION SO- ciety, 56 Second Ave., New York, N. Y. Page US. RUSSIAN MISSIONARY SOCIETY, INC., 1844 W. Monroe St,, Chicago, 111. Page 116.__________ _______ OBJECT LESSONS HADDON SERVICE, BOX 164-B, FAIRFIELD, Conn. Page 110. _____________________________ ARNOLD WESTPHAL, MICHIGAN CITY, IND. Page 118. ___________ OPTOMETRIST DR. FRANK H. GUERNSEY, 604 WEST 6TH St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 105._______'_____ _ MONEY-RAISING PLANS HANDY WACKS COBP., iSPARTA, MICH., Page 118._______________ . ___________________ METAL SPONGE SALES CORPORATION, Philadelphia, Pa. Page 114. , NATIONAL RELIGIOUS PRESS, GRAND BAP- lds, Mich. Page 108. ' ________ ORGANS____________ • BLLHORN BROS. ORGAN CO., INC., 1414 Me Lean Ave., Chicago, 111. Inside back cover._____ A. L. WHITE MFG. CO., 1908 W. GRAND AVE., Chicago, 111. Inside hack cover. _________ PHOTO FINISHING_________ IDEAL PHOTOS, BEAUTIFULLY FINISHED with wide border and deckle edged, 85c per roll of 8 and FREE enlargement. Ideal Photos, Box 8855, Paterson, N. J. ____________ ; THE PHOTO BULL. IMMEDIATE SERVICE Eight-exposure roll developed, printed, and choice of two enlargements, one tinted enlargement, or eight reprints, 85c coin. Reprints 8c. The Photo Mill, Box 689-30, Minneapolis, Minn. “ FREE” — HAND-COLORED MOUNTED EN- largement with roll developed and printed -for 85c coin. Surprise gift, also enclosed. Universal Photo, Dept. A-3, 3609 45th Ave. So., Minne­ apolis, Minn. PRINTERS—ENGRAVERS ANDREW J. JOHNSON, 5308 EL VERANO AVE., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 94,_____________________ RILEY-MOORE ENGRAVING CO., 337 S. LOS Angelas St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 114. ________ PUBLIC SPEAKING NORTH AMERICAN INSTITUTE, 3601 MICHI- gan Ave., Chicago, 111. Page 118. SHOE REPAIRING ERICK PETERSON, 730 W. SIXTH ST., LOS Angeles, Calif. Page 114. SUNDAY-SCHOOL SUPPLIÉS AMERICAN SUNDAY-SCHOOL UNION, 1816 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. Page 95._____ _ BEREAN BOOK ROOMS, 405 S. HILL ST., LOS. Angeles, Calif. Page 113._______________________ ILLUSTRATOR, MYBRSTOWN, PA. PAGE 108. THE SCRIPTURE PRESS, 800 N. CLARK ST., Chicago, 111. Page 111. TENT SEAT ENDS IDEAL MFG. CO., 1039 N. MANSFIELD AVE., Hollywood, Calif. Page 119.

MIRACLE BOOK CLUB, 131 15th ST., RICH- mond, Calif. Inside back cover. ______ _ CORRESPONDENCE COURSE DESIGNED FOR all who desire to know the Bible, and who wish to prepare for definite Christian service. Scholar­ ly, helpful, inspirational. Low cost. Write for information. National Bible College, 1880 Ida Ave., Wichita, Kansas._________ JOHN RUDIN & COMPANY, INC., 1018 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, HI. Page 114._______ SPIRITUAL BOOK SERVICE, BOX 780, PORT Jervis, N. Y, Page 115._________________________ DOUGLAS M. WHITE, BOX 93, CLARKES- yille, Ga, Page 112._____________________________ ZONDERVAN PUBLISHING HOUSE, 815 Franklin St. S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Inside back cover.______ * ___________CHURCH MUSIC___________ GORDON E. HOOKER, 558 SOUTH HOPE ST., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 106.________ __________ ULLENAS PUBLISHING C OM P A N Y , 8983 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo. Pages 95 and 117. CLARENCE E. RANCH, 817 N. HARVARD Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 116. THE RODEHEAVER, HALL-MACK CO., 88 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111., and 184 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Inside back cover._____ - TABERNACLE PUB. CO., 360 N. WALLER AVE., Chicago, 111. Inside back cover._______. CHURCH SUPPLIES_________ GOODENOUGH AND WOGLOM CO., 896 BROAD- way, New York, N, Y. Page 110.________________ INDIVIDUAL COMMUNION SERVICE COM- pany, 1701 Chestnut Street, Phila., Pa. Page 117. THOMAS COMMUNION SERVICE, BOX 1814, Lima, Ohio. Page 119.___________________________ COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS AMERICAN SCHOOL, DREXEL AT 58TH, CHI- cago, 111. Page 113,_____________________________ CHICAGO SCHOOL OF NURSING, 100 E. OHIO St., Chicago, HI. Page 95._________ _______' BOB JONES COLLEGE, CLEVELAND, TENN. Back cover._____ _______________________________ MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE, 153 INSTITUTE PI., Chicago, 111. Inside hack cover'and Page 119. UNION BIBLE SEMINARY, WESTFIELD, IND. Page 115._____________ ________________ _J_ _______ WHEATON COLLEGE ACADEMY, WHEATON, HI. Page 107. _________________ WINONA LAKE SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY, Winona, Ind. Page 105, _________ DAIRY PRODUCTS_________ PERRY’S LUNCH ROOM AND DAIRY STORE, 617-619 W. 6th St.. Los Angeles, Calif. Page 108. _______________DENTIST_______________ DR. RODNEY O. LILYQUIST, STORY Bldg., 610 So. Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif. Page 95. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES HOOKER’S ELECTRIC SHOP, 700 W. SIXTH St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 117.______ ________ ____________EVANGELISTS____________ WILLARD W. RIGGS, 1338 EAST 68ND ST., Log Angeles, Calif. Page 118.____________ ______ _____________ FOR SALE ________ GOOD HEAVY TWO-WHEEL TRAILER, 7£ FT. long, 700x17 tires, extra wheel and tire. Cost $75. Make offer over $85. Proceeds to Biola. Eugene Poole, 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif. GOSPELS AND TRACTS_______ FAITH, PRAYER AND TRACT LEAGUE, MUS- kegon Heights, Mich. Page 111. ______________ GOSPEL TRUTH POSTER SERVICE, BOX 388, Findlay, Ohio. Page 110.________ _______________ PILGRIM TRACT SOCIETY, RANDLEMAN, N. C. Page 108._________ SILVER PUBLISHING SOCIETY, 483 BESSE- mer Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. Page 111.___________ ___________ GOSPEL TENTS SMITH MFG. CO., DALTON, GA. Page 102. HOTELS SOUTHLAND HOTEL, 605 S. FLOWER ST., Log Angeles, Calif. Page 93. HOTEL WILLARD, 536-40 S. HOPE ST., LOS Angeles, Calif. Page 96.

B U Y E R S 1 GUIDE SCHEDULE OF PAYMENTS If Paid Listings Times Price in Advance 30 Words 18 $18.00 $17.10 1-lnch 18 84.00 88.80 1-Inch 18 48.00 45.60 ACCOUNTANTS BACON AND WRIGHT, 510 SO. SPRING ST., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 108. AGENTS WANTED GOSPEL TRUMPET COMPANY, SACRAMENTO, Calif., and Anderson, Ind. Page 107,___________ JASPER GROOVER COMPANY, 150Ï CASS AYE., St. Lonlg, Mo. Page 110._______________________ GEORGE f f . N OBLE. MONON R m T .m iw s, r m . cato. 111. Page 108, ______________________ ' SPECIAL BARGAIN. 12 BEAUTIFUL TEXT greeting cards and propelling pencil, 50c. Agents wanted. Novelty Card Company, Dept. SB 40, Omaha, Nebr.__________________________________ ORIENTAL MISSIONARY SOCIETY, 900 N. HO- hart Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 106,_______ PEASE GREETING CARDS, INC., 204 LAUREL St., Buffalo, N. Y. Page 105.__________________ UNIVERSAL BOOH AND BIBLE HOUSE, 1006- 1916 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. Page 95. ANNUITIES AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY, BIBLE HOUSE New York, N. Y. Inside front cover. ASTHMA REMEDY BETONE-ASTONE CO., 1237 MARKET ST., RM. 4U, Philadelphia, Pa. Page 108. _________ BANKING (Savings)_________ EQUITABLE PLAN COMPANY, 704 S. SPRING St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 108. __________ BIBLE BINDING___________ GRACE BIBLE HOUSE AND BINDERY, BIBLES repaired and rebound. Flexible leather covers a specialty. New Analytical Bible, best and big­ gest biblical library within two covers. Grace Whidden, 2026 E. Fourth St., Long Beach. Calif. __________ BIBLE CHART____________ PROF. LEWIS ÏL JAMISON, iï£ GRETNA Green Way, Brentwood, West Los Angeles, Calif. Page 117.____________ _________________________ _________B I B L E S ____________________ THE BAPTIST BOOK STORE, 352 S. SPRING St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 105.______________ OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, 114 FIFTH Avc„ New York, N. Y. Page 105.________________ ____________BOOK STORES___________ BIOLA BOOK STORE, 560 SOUTH HOPE ST., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 82.____________________ WESTERN BOOK AND TRACT COMPANY, (Oakland’s Leading Bible House), 1719 Franklin St., Oakland, Calif. Dr. H. A. Ironside, Presi­ dent. Christian literature. Send for our catalogs and receive free booklet, also,__________________ CHOIR AND PULPIT GOWNS DEMOULIN BROS. & CO., 1126 S. 4TH ST., Greenville, 111. Page 105.__________■______________ . NATIONAL ACADEMIC CAP A GOWN CO., 821-23 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. Page 110. CHRISTIAN PUBLICATIONS BEV. CHAS, A. ADEE, CLARKFTELD, MINN. Page 115.________ _______________________________ AMERICAN PROPHETIC LEAGUE, INC., 4747- 4761 Townsend Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 114. BIBLE INSTITUTE COLPORTAGE ASSN., 810 y . Wells St., Chicago, 111. Pages 102, 107, 110, CHRISTIAN ACTION, BUTLER, IND. Page 116. CHRISTIAN PUBLICATIONS, INC., 1508 NO. Third St., Harrisburg, Pa. Page 119.___________ THE DANIELLE PUBLISHERS, 5478 GILBERT Drive, San Diego, Calif. Page 118._____________ WM. B. EERDMANS PUBLISHING CO., 834 Pearl St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Page 117. 4815 ELLENWOOD DRIVE, LOS ANGELES^ Calif. Page 108.____________ BEV. FRANK A. MILLER, 185 S. ATE« 00, Lot Angeles, Calif. Page 116«

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