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April 2019

Your Concierge Counsel

A Better Book for Better Business

I’d been considering writing a book for the last couple of years about what I know best. Plus, well, I wasn’t getting any younger. This is why I’m proud to announce that my new book, “Your Concierge Counsel,”will be out shortly. As a tried-and-true small-business owner with years of specialized experience in the field, I wanted to share my experience about the nuances and importance of small-business systems. Systems are what keeps your world turning as a small-business operator, from owners to employees. Systems are the reason you are able to successfully continue your profitable operations by utilizing repeatable processes that can occur with or without your direct intervention. Simply put, systems are the glue that holds business together and keeps us from driving ourselves mad with the daily operations. Think about the way McDonald's operates. That is an example of a highly efficient and universally popular system model. That's how they can hire high school kids — who know nothing about the restaurant business — and have them pick up the manual and follow it step by step. Our concern as small- business owners should be developing the best possible systems to implement in order to reach a McDonald’s level of efficiency and profitability. Creating effective business systems is the only way to attain results that are consistent, measurable, and ultimately beneficial to our customers and clients. These are your key assets, the infrastructure that

holds up your commercial house. These and many others are the topics I choose to tackle in my new book. It’s time to buckle down and seriously take a look at how your systems are harming or benefiting your business as a whole. A failure to document your business-specific systems is a recipe for failure almost every time — you can’t simply rely on dumb luck to stumble upon a million-dollar idea. Business takes precise repetition in the most profitable and marketable ways possible. You are going to constantly be challenged in business. That’s why these systems need to be analyzed and updated constantly to keep up with shifting times and industries. Moving forward, even the way you document these systems should be evaluated. Make sure you have them in writing, in a place where you will easily be able to locate and revisit them whenever necessary. Nobody knows your business better than you. That’s why — unfortunately, for some of our readers who may be more passive in their business operations — we advise you to write your system operations yourself . But you’re not entirely alone. We're able to provide you with a general outline to follow that may make realizing the best systems for your company a whole lot easier. It is these subtle differences between businesses that can spell disaster or triumph. They are what ultimately set us apart. That’s why my new book is a collection of what you need to know about the

importance of systems and processes. By taking the time to read my book, you will be able to better identify what your strengths and passions are in business and how they can be utilized to set your company apart. Until then, feel free to reach out to us at Generations Law Group for all your business law needs — we’re always ready to help. Call now at (208) 401- 9300, or visit our website any time at GenLawGroup.Com for more information on how to secure your copy of “Your Concierge Counsel.”

–Tom Walker



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