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15th Anniversary of the Best Road Trip A TWO-WEEK BASEBALL ADVENTURE!

Jersey, where we stayed. While in New York, we visited Ground Zero. The city didn’t have the monument up like

the Cubs and the Yankees doing well, along with Clemens 300th win, the tickets were ridiculously expensive.We decided we’d take in the city and watch some of the game, but most importantly, we fired up the laptop to try and find another time where he’d be pitching again. We counted the days and bought the tickets for Yankee Stadium. Later that night, we drove to Milwaukee for a night game, then drove back to Chicago.The next morning, before Casey was even awake, I took the car and drove to my mom’s childhood home on the North Side of Chicago. It was something I was glad to have done by myself, to see where my mom had grown up and spent her early and teen years. On Sunday, we explored Chicago and caught a Cubs game later that night, where we had a full Wrigley experience — luckily, we were able to get front-row seats in the bleachers.We woke up the next morning and drove around 13 hours from Chicago to the Baseball Hall of Fame in New York.This is where we made our only mistake in the whole trip.We were driving right by Notre Dame and decided to check out the campus to stretch our legs.After checking out the campus we got back into the car and drove straight through to New York. Later, we realized that we missed a game in Cleveland, which we drove past after checking out Notre Dame’s Campus. It would have not only broken up our long drive, but we would’ve gotten another game. It was the one little goof in the whole trip that caused the tiniest feeling of regret. We drove up to Cooperstown and reached a small hotel late into the night, where we grabbed a few hours of sleep. After Cooperstown, we drove to Boston. The next morning, we explored the city, caught a tour of Fenway Park, and watched a Red Sox game. Immediately after the game, we drove to New York City. It was there we met up with our friend Jenny, whose uncle lives in New

This summer marks the 15th anniversary of my baseball road trip with my childhood best friend, Casey, when we were around 20 years old. It was an impressive road trip — two baseball fans traveling the road catching as many baseball games as we could. It was really cool to go to all the different stadiums and see and experience each city. I can still recall it pretty well.The Marlins happened to be playing the Oakland A’s at the beginning of the week just before we left, so we decided to start the trip locally. We made a point to go to the game before we set out, though we didn’t go together. I went on Tuesday, and he went onWednesday. I remember waiting for him to get home from the game that night, and once he did, we drove through the night and ended up in Atlanta.There we watched the Braves and Rangers game, after which we were back on the road driving to St. Louis. Early Friday morning, we were in the city.We explored the city and stopped by the Gateway Arch as Casey is a bit of an architecture buff, and I enjoy the history of things. The ride up the claustrophobic gondola wasn’t exactly pleasant, but reaching the top paid it off —we could see the whole city! After the Gateway Arch, we did a brewery tour and later that night watched the Cardinals game, which was an exciting experience.There was something about St. Louis and the fans and how knowledgeable they were that made a pure baseball experience.As a baseball nut and someone who’s played and coached, it was unbelievable how they understood the intricacies of the game. Everyone cheered as loudly and passionately as they could — it blew me away. When we got back to our hotel room that night, we realized that Roger Clemens was going to be pitching in Chicago that Saturday for his 300th win. So we drove to Chicago to see if we could get some tickets.With both

they do today. There were only two beams from the building in the shape of a cross. It was a strange and somber, emotional experience — Casey and I happened to be in the area and decided to see it, and I’m glad we did. On Thursday, we had a day game at Yankee Stadium, which I will never forget. We were walking to our seats, coming up the ramp, and we couldn’t see much in the enclosed area. As we walked over to crest the small hill, though, I could see the blue sky, which was the bluest I’ve ever seen it. Then, after a couple of more steps, I saw the greenest grass. Seeing the stadium in person for the first time was a jaw-dropping experience. As a long-time Yankee fan, just being in the stadium and being surrounded by its history was amazing. Maybe one day, when Joseph is older and likes baseball, he’ll have that same wow factor. The next day, we went to the game where Clemens got his 300th win, which was cool because it held such a historical significance. On Saturday, we were back in the car, this time with Jenny, and we drove down to Baltimore and caught the Brewers and Orioles game, which was where a huge brawl broke out. Afterward, we stayed in North Carolina for a night, woke up Sunday morning, and drove home. One thing I’ve got to give a lot of credit to was how we stuck to our schedule. We were both around 20, but we woke up early and got to where we needed to be on time. I’ll never forget what it was like being on the road with Casey and watching all those great games with him.

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