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3) Customer sectioning A large builders’ merchant in the city Aalborg (Denmark) has a 10,000m2 storage room which is only slightly heated. Because of the large and only sparsely heat demanding room, the merchant initially saw little point in connecting to the district heating system because the fixed price pr. m2 would make the connection inappropriately expensive. But with a PQT-limiter the builders’ merchant could be connected to the main pipe and benefit fully from the comfort of district heating in the store and in the office rooms, and at the same time get a lower heating of the partial area which is made up of the storage room.

Protection reacts on critical imbalances in the heating installation that otherwise could have remained undetected. And automatic valve control secures the optimal operation of the district heating supply, in terms of both economy and energy efficiency.

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4) Stabilizing energy supply Schools, sport centres and churches must be slowly heated in order to avoid straining the district heating network. After a holiday period a cold school building or a churchwith thick stonewalls may need a long heating period. If the heating is being accelerated too quickly, too much energy will be extracted from the supply network for one particular installation leaving too little energy for other consumers. The PQT-limiter will ensure a controlled supply and thus protect the whole network and secure a steady supply to all consumers. CONSUMER FRIENDLY INTELLIGENCE Generally, automation serves as a means for a more secure and more efficient energy supply. Manual operation always poses a potential security breach and a source of errors. End-consumers may set their heating installation inadequately or may stress the supply when – inadvertently – requesting an excessive amount of energy or may simply be unaware of their consumption pattern. Intelligent overrule consumer demands in order to provide the desired comfort and optimize the supply service. The consumer friendly intelligence which is facilitated by the energy meter and often performed by a third part application, works by taking decisions on behalf of the consumer. The energy meter’s most important consumer interface is therefore not related to what the consumer can actually do with the meter, but to the extra services that are being provided in a more subtle way. Automatic Leak control can

heating up cities

Developing sustainable cities with modern comfort standards requires technical know-how and innovative thinking. ramboll provides full-range consultancy on district heating from energy production through to transmission, distribution and end use.

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