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The residents are interested in the project and show that they have a fundamental wish to be able to compare their heating consumption with that of similar homes, as this allows them to put their respective consumption into perspective and adjust their behaviour accordingly. MORE COLLABORATION In future, Brunata would like to see the housing associations making more use of the visualisation tools that already exist in order to achieve the savings which can be made through more appropriate habits and energy behaviour – both in relation to consumption and interior climate. Reduced energy consumption is in the interest of both district heating plants and housing associations and as the residents are at the end of the pipes, this is where the effort needs to be made. However, some housing associations may not have the necessary resources and the utility companies cannot adjust the residents’ radiators themselves. That is why increased collaboration is required and through sophisticated data collection, Brunata can provide the necessary knowledge. ”We are prepared for the future because our meters can supply consumption data continuously and contribute to dynamic consumption illustrations. Huge quantities of data are also available as is the visualisation,” concludes Hans Henrik Finne.

What is important is not always just how much energy a resident uses, but also whether it is used correctly. It is not enough to turn down the heat, it must be done in such a way that the energy is used optimally and the saving measure does not cause frost damage or humidity issues. Often, we do not really think about the ’consumption errors’ we make, as we act on the assumption that our behaviour is completely normal. However, increased insight and visualisation of the consumption measurements can focus on that.

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Currently, Brunata is also part of a partnership project with Gate21/Plan C, the housing administration company Bo-Vest and the non-profit making Alexandra Institute. Among other things, the project involves developing user interfaces and via questionnaire surveys, interviews and workshops, residents are invited to help develop visualisation forms – including a website for visualising the residents’ heating consumption.

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