HOT | COOL NO. 4/2012 - Interface, Users and Utilities

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to use IT in modern teaching methods, where pupils have to study, analyze and conclude.

With HeatLab, WasteHeat Aarhus expands its educational waste and district heating offer. It is important for WasteHeat Aarhus to cooperate with educational institutions so as to create a link between the school and the rest of society. For some time there has been a particularly close cooperation with the Municipal Department for Children and Young People in Aarhus, while the direct cooperation with the universities environment is new.

DISTRICT HEATING IN INNOVATIVE FRAMEWORK In this light there is an extra dimension in HeatLab’s location at AarhusVærket, which is situated closely to Aarhus' new urban area on the waterfront. In a few years HeatLab and Aarhusværket will work virtually next door to two new

buildings of the City of Aarhus: the multimedia house Dokk1 and Navitas, which is a new center for energy, innovation and education. Navitas will accommodate Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering, and Aarhus University, School of Engineering, and the district heating industry will hire many employees from these institutions.

The reason for working with universities is the desire of the community to show science and technology educations in a relevant way and to open students' eyes to the possibilities of choosing those courses. The teaching of primary school pupils in HeatLab proved to be a success, and thanks to the cooperation with Via University, HeatLab has had yet another interface, which means that now also future teachers come to visiting the lab. Here, they want to hear about district heating as a teaching subject in the primary school, and they also wish to get acquainted with how

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