HOT | COOL NO. 4/2012 - Interface, Users and Utilities

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Operation strategies: The pulse lengths and frequency are now set manually via an Ethernet access to the programmable controllers (to be changed on one device only). It has worked satisfactorily, but consideration should be given to making a control which controls according to return temperature and heat consumption, so that the pulse length and frequency can vary automatically as needed. User involvement: As a consumer-owned heating company consumers are involved in the management of the facility. Consumers are informed about the heating system

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Gunnar Boye Olsen Energiselskabet ved Andelssamfundet i Hjortshøj

Gammel Kirkevej 82 DK-5830 Hjortshøj

function, partly by deployment of the new houses, and partly with a written instruction. In addition, the consumers were involved in both planning and implementation, including the construction of the control boxes that are not supplied with power current. Experience shows that close contact with consumers is important for systems such as these.

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