HOT | COOL NO. 4/2012 - Interface, Users and Utilities

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TVIS – Multicity District Heating 55,000 homes in Vejle, Fredericia, Middelfart and Kolding Munici- palities are served with surplus heat through the regional heat transmission network of TVIS.

in Indonesia”. He considers the district cooling technology to have great potential on the Indonesian market, where the cooling demand is high, the population density is high and the demand for energy is rising. Sune Møller, a Danish student who works and studies in England, has returned home to learn about district energy. He estimates that the English market has great potential for the development of district energy. “I think it is really interesting to work in the energy sector, as it is an industry with high focus these years”. He hopes to one day work in the English energy sector.



Fredericia Middelfart Kolding



The goal is to create networks The students have received good value for money. Several of them made such a big impression on the participating companies, that they were offered internships. In this way the summer school is fulfilling the purpose for which it was started: to extend the knowledge of district energy and to create network between the district energy sector and future engineers. In this context it is particularly pleasing that former participants have chosen to recommend the summer school. This indicates that summer school is becoming a significant platform for promoting district energy for the next generation of engineers.


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