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Intelligent Energy Solutions

How to keep cool the profitable way

See savings here… See howmuch the boiler efficiency means for the CO 2 emissions and fuel consumption at the indicative CO 2 ST-SAVER on our website: Enter your own figures - or compare with the market standard. You will be surprised. At Aalborg Engineering we think the environment into all our activities. We do it for the planet and the climate - and most of all to meet the quest of our customers: Lifetime Lowest Cost.

Probably the most efficient boiler solution in the world Aalborg Engineering is one of the world's leading specialists in customized boiler plants. Package Boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators, added the intelligence and know-how that at all times has been Aalborg Engineering's trademark as a research-based company and Lifetime Partner. Each boiler and HRSG solution is created as a unique, effective and sustainable solution. Designed to provide efficiencies of 6 - 10% above the market standard. This means significantly reduced CO 2 emissions, lower costs, improved returns.

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