HOT | COOL NO. 4/2012 - Interface, Users and Utilities

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The thorough training we delivered ensured that the project ran smoothly, focusing very much on safe and correct execution at every stage. DELIVERY AT THE RIGHT TIME AND PLACE It was not just training and support for the district heating installations in Estonia that meant special requirements for isoplus. The logistics also require extensive planning, coordination and cooperation with VKG Soojus AS, given that, at peak times, 16 trucks a week have to deliver consignments over the course of five working days per week – a task which was solved via close dialogue with VKG Soojus. Only thanks to this close cooperation was it possible to deliver the entire system in a record-breaking six months.

For further information please contact:

Isoplus Denmark Att.: Jens Rasmussen

Phone: +45 6441 6109 Fax: +45 6441 6159

Korsholm Allé 20 5500 Middelfart

CHP a benefit for the environment

west copenhagen heating transmission company roskildevej 175, dk-2620 Albertslund t +45 43 66 03 66

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