King's Business - 1915-04



tians ; let the rest of the world go to the devil.” There is too much of that spirit. , Go from house to house. Go to the peo­ ple in your block, in your place of business. Politicians know every man in every block of Philadelphia, but the churches sit with their arms folded until they mildew. ' Have you said anything to the telephone girl when you called her up? You are quick enough to jump on her when she gives you the wrong number. Have you said anything, to the delivery boy—to the butcher? Have you asked the milkman? Have you said anything to the newsboy that throws your paper on the .doorstep at night ? Have you said anything to the girl who waits on you at the store, to the servant who brings your dinner in at home, to the woman who scrubs your floors? "Where will you find them—where won’t you find them? failed. None would tru st him. He had a hard face. On it w as w ritten the story of his life. B ut he had gotten grace and th a t changed it. The whole expression changed. H e had a hard tim e and w ent to New York. Then he returned to St. Louis. The sheriff sent, for him. H e thought th a t some old crime w as to be brought u p against him. B ut he decided to tell the tru th about the m atter. H e w ent to the sheriff and w hat w as his surprise to h ear him say: ‘I want: you to be a deputy sheriff, you are a changed’ man. X have had you shadowed for six months, and when you were in New York I wired them to keep you in sight. They w rote me you were O. K. Now I want" to m ake all square.’ “Burke remained deputy sheriff from ten years ago until his translation about six m onths ago. To illustrate how highly he w as esteemed, a preacher who w as prevent­ ed from keeping an engagement, asked Burke to preach for him, and w ent and asked the sheriff to let him off. The sheriff said th a t he was sorry bu t th a t it would be impossible as he had ju st levied on a jew elry store and there w as a large stock of diamonds of which no inventory had been taken, and there was, no one he could tru st there but Burke.”

Billy Sunday, discoursing on individual evangelism says, in answer to a question ; ; “Where will I find these people to talk to them ?” Where won’t you find them? Where can you find a place where they are not ? You will only firid one place where they are not, and that is in the cemetery. I would as soon be pastor of the ceme­ tery as pastor of some churches I know, though you are a lot of dead ones. Right in your neighborhood, right in your block, how many are Christians? Is your husband a Christian ? Are your chil­ dren Christians? If they are, let them alone and get after somebody else’s hus­ band and children. Don’t sit down and thank God that your husband and children are Christians. Sup­ pose I were to say, “My family, my George, my Bill, my Paul; my Helen are Chris­ “Several years ago I had been holding a series of m eetings in St. Louis. The new s­ papers published m y sermons every day and w ith great long headlines. These were often of such a sensational character th a t I was much shocked. One night I preached on the tex t: ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus C hrist and thou' shalt be saved,’ and spoke of the apos­ tles in the Philippian jail. The heading In one of th e papers next day was: ‘H ow the Jailor Got Caught.’ This paper was taken into a jail where a burglar named Ballin- tyne Burke w as imprisoned and aw aiting trial. H e .read the headline and said, ‘T hat is good,’ and began reading. He found out th a t it was not a tale of today bu t a sermon. T hat sermon converted him. The bailiffs no­ ticed the change in his face and expression and habits. So firmly were all about him impressed by it, th a t although some a t first thought th a t he w as trying to work the pius dodge, when the case came to trial it was not pressed. Burke got off. He tried to be honest. He tried to get work and T hat the Gospel is the power df God unto salvation is remarkably illustrated in this incident in Mr. Moody’s experience as thus told by himself:


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