King's Business - 1915-04



be encouraged to do something more for the support of the European missionaries. This was no smalLsacrifice considering that food prices have risen greatly in West Africa since the beginning of the war. The report for the past year from Elat, Africa states that it “has been record- breaking in respect to the number of ac­ cessions, the size of the crowds attending, the amount of giving and the outreach and results of evangelistic enterprise”- One of the “out-reaches” was started two years ago at Fulasi, seventy miles ,east of Elat. Fulasi church was organized on Easter Sun­ day, 1912, by members who had joined Elat, although living near Fulasi. In the ad­ vanced catechumen class at the new station there were last August 1358 members; in the second class, 7300. On June com­ munion Sunday there were 10,000 people present at the main station of Fulasi and the immediate out-stations. MARRIED. Z imm erman -S m ith — Oscar Zimmerman to May Smith, February 9, 1915, at the home of the bride’s parents, San Francisco, Cal. The only one who can give a shadow of an excuse for not approving missions: “The person who Believes the world needs no Saviour. Believes Jesus was mistaken in the great commission. Believes the Gospel is not the power of God. Wishes we ourselves were still heathen. Believes in every one for himself. Asks, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Does not believe in the Fatherhood of God. Does not believe in the brotherhood of man. Believes that might is right. Approves of war. Does not desire the Kingdom of God. Does not believe in Christian Stewardship. We join these when we say, ‘I pray thee have me excused .’ ”—Helen B. Mont­ gomery.

Mr. Gladstone in his Vatican Decrees, said: “All other Christian bodies are con­ tent with freedom in their own domain. Orientals, Lutherans, Calvinists, Presby­ terians, Episcopalians, Nonconformists, one and all in the present day, contentedly and thankfully accept .the benefits of civil order; they never contend that the state is not its own master,” but not so the leaders of the Roman church. Mr. Gladstone clearly showed that Papal Infallibility means that every Catholic owes allegiance first to the Pope and to the state afterwards. Roman Catholicism is not only a religious organ­ ization, it is essentially a great political body; and it demands absolute obedience, not only in religious matters, but in mat­ ters* of state, to him who sits in the so- called Chair of Peter. And the Pope de­ mands, as the very essence of the system of Popery, obedience not only in religión, but in civil matters. Missionary Rev. Dr. J. Walter Lowrie of J:he China Council has been emphasiz­ ing the marvelous transformation: “In the past thirty years in- China, that great coun­ try which, while old, is far from decrepit and will be an immense power in the East, if Christianized. He indicated on the map, the railways which have been built during the past few years—‘God’s highways,’ he called them, and electricity, ‘God’s means.’ These, and the missionaries, have dissolved walls of prejudice. He spoke of the diffi­ culty of access to ‘patrician’ China, that part 'of her life and civilization which gave her her place in the world. Previously mis­ sionaries were absolutely excluded, now they are winning their way, and going a wonderful work, in places hitherto prac­ tically closed, and they should have the ardent support and prayers of every fol­ lower of Jesus Christ. By the power of ‘re-duplication’ of the Christians now in China, it would take but forty years to Christianize China.” There are “good Indians” who are not dead ones for all the white man’s slander.

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