King's Business - 1915-04



One missionary tells of a Montana red man how that out on a business trip, he stopped at the home of a white family to lodge for the night. When they sat down to supper, he said to the host, “Don’t you pray be­ fore you eat? We do.” And so, without further ado, he said a very reverent bless­ ing over the meal. In the morning he not only repeated the grace over the breakfast table, but remarked to the family when the meal was finished, “Do you go to work without praying ? I don’t. If. I may, I will have prayers before I start on my journey.” So he took a small Testament from his pocket, read several verses and offered prayer in the home before he bade the family good-bye. It was only a few days later in the same week' when the Indian had a visitor at his home. It was the husband and father from the house where he had lodged. He stated his errand as soon as he entered: “I have come to see if you will let me have a copy of that book. I want one. I mean to have prayers in my family.” A belated report of the hearings before the joint congressional committee on In­ dian affairs discloses apparent abuses of the Indians on the Crow reservation in Southern Montana. Although the Indians had $900,000 to their credit in bank, pay­ ment of annuities arbitrarily was withheld from them by Indian officials, who appar­ ently were playing into the hands of the dominating commercial interests who wanted the range for cattle. Several of the Indians have died of starvation. Cato M. Sells, commissioner of Indian affairs, de­ clares that Frank Heinrich, in whose name several blanket leases were drawn, would “be very prosperous,” if his present meth­ ods were permitted to continue. When the Indians applied fob their annuity the ex­ cuse was made by the Indian officials that it was to be used for irrigation purposes, but it now is conceded these irrigation pro­ jects are of little, if any, advantage to the Indians, although the full cost of mainte­ nance comes out of the Indian funds, while

white settlers, who have settled along the ditch, pay nothing. The Devil has his mis­ sionaries. “As men’s bank accounts increase their souls shrivel.” “The money I have given away (about 30 per cent) is the investment that gives me most pleasure.” “Giving the Gospel to the man who never heard is the essential business of the man who has.” “Never I met a non-Christian man in America who has not at some time turned Christ down. The heaiihen, have never done this.’’ “Until you have seen heathenism you can never really know why Christ came.” “The sin of unbelief took away Christ’s life, but the sin of covetousness has for 2000 years deprived Him of His King­ dom.” “When a man tips God with a gratuity as he would a porter the minister has rea­ son to shake him over hell until he makes him give up.” “The life of a missionary abroad is a challenge to you and to me to five the same kind of a life of service and sacri­ fice at home.” “The world will be redeemed when the manhood of the Church is ready to walk with Christ to Calvary .”—Notes from a Pastor’s Missionary Conference — Miss. Re­ view. The Rev. R. Middleton, of England, says: “Christian Science denies every funda­ mental doctrine of the Bible, as can be proved from their own text book, entitled, ‘Science and Health.’ - 1. They deny a personal God—God is mind. He is divine principle, not person. 2. They deny a personal Christ. ‘Our church is built on Christ, not a person, but the principle that Christ said is the way, the truth, and the life. Christian Science is the way (blasphemy!) and its founda­ tions are eternal.’

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