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the Father except through Me. And I am not only the way to the Father, but I am the Truth about the Father, and I am the very life of the Father manifested unto men. . Now if you had known Me as you ought to have known Me, you would have known My Father also, and from this time onward you all know Him, you have all seen Him.” And when He got that far, Philip could not stand it another moment and Philip broke out and he asked of Jesus Christ the greatest question ever asked while He was in this world, and hot only so, he asked the greatest question that was ever asked by man. Philip said, “Ford, show us the Father, and it sufficeth us'.” That is the greatest question that was ever asked in this world, or ever will be: “Show me what God is really like ; show us the Father, and we will be satisfied.” What Philip means is this : “Master, you say that we know thè Father, that we have seen the Father. Why, no! we know you, we have gotten sort of used to you now; why, John there, has actually leaned his head on your bosom; we don’t mean we know you altogether, but we know you at least in part, but when you say that we know the Father, the great unseen Jehovah, we don’t feel we know Him that way, but Lord Jesus, if you are going away, before you go grant us this boon above all others, Show us the Father and we will be satisfied” IMMORTAL ANSWER And Jesus made His immortal an­ swer (I don’t like to say that one word of Christ weighs more than an­ other, but if there is any word that seems to me to be of inconceivable weight and value, it is when Jesus answered that question of Philip’s, and Jesus’ answer was this), “Have I been all this time with you, and yet

hast thou not known Me? Why, Philip, He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father.” Jésus Christ then is God brought down where you can get a good look at Him. Jesus Christ is God translated into the language of humanity and into common human life; Jesus Christ is God stepping out from behind the curtain of the unseen upon the stage of time and showing Himself to men that they may love Him and trust Him and be saved. I am done looking for proof texts of the Deity of Christ; F£he Deity of Christ does not rest upon a few iso­ lated proof texts; it is plowed into every page of the New Testament from start to finish and it is assumed and taken for granted in a hundred places in the words of Christ Him­ self. Who is this that stands in the midst of the disciples and says, “He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father?” Who is this that says, “You will never need to ask another question about God, just look at Me, study Me; understand Me, believe in Me, come close to Me, enter into fel­ lowship with Me, and in finding Me, you have found the whole of God” ? Now follow two verses, the 10th and the 11th, the two verses that al­ most every careless reader skips right over without paying much attention, but in these two verses, if I mistake not, our Blessed Lord comes about as near giving us the secret as to how He lived His life as anywhere in the New Testament. Now these two verses are just the same as if the Lord said, “Now I am the manifesta­ tion of the Father, now I am going to tell you how I have lived this life among men. You have seen the out­ side of my life and you have beheld with wonder ; now I am going to take you on .the inside and show you the Messiah; just how I have lived this life which is the standard of manifes­ tation for all time;” and this is what

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