King's Business - 1915-04



your all in all as I made the Father my all-in-all and as the Father re­ sponded to my expectant faith and filled me and worked through me, I will respond to your faith and fill you and speak through you and work through you.” And that has been the secret of all the spiritual power that the Christian Church has had from that day to this. That is how the Christian life is lived. NO BROKEN LINK, I think I hear someone say, “But there is just one broken link in your logic. Jesus looked up to the Father with a perfect faith that never waned, and we look up to the Lord Jesus with a faith that is never perfect and far from being constant.” I know that,—but when did the Lord Jesus Christ ever say that faith had to be full-grown ■and perfect before He would honor it? Did He not say, that “if you had faith as a grain of mustard seed, it would do the busi­ ness ?” One day Lord Shaftesbury was crossing London Bridge on foot. It was a cold, windy night. A little girl stepped out from the roadside, and the little thing briefly said, “Buy a paper, sir, Buy a paper.” He stopped, not to buy a paper, but to look at the girl as she stood there cold and pinched and shivering. He said, “Child, why do you stand out in such weather as this? You will catch your death.” And the little one answered, “Sir, I have no choice. My mother is an in­ valid and I have to sell papers' even if it is cold.” It did not take him long to find his w:ay to his pocket. It never did. He found his way to his pocket easier than any other man in England. He found to his dismay that he only, had a few small coins, and then he said, ADo you come here every dav?” She told him she did. He said, “Now that is enough for to-day, you can run

me; or else believe me for the very works’ sake.” •I would like to have a picture of the faces of these eleven men just about now, the look of as­ tonished wonder; I see them look at the Master, and then look up, and then look back at the Master and then look up, and I hear one of them saying under his breath something like this: “Is that it? Oh, I under­ stand now why He used to leave us sometimes in the evening and go up on the mountain top and spend the whole night in prayer, and then come back in the morning with a look on His face that nobody could ever de­ scribe. I understand now why He had that strange absent look. He was listening to the music of another sphere, He was in fellowship with the Father! Then that is the secret of the marvelous life we have lived so close to^ during these recent months.” Now while the disciples are looking at Jesus and looking up and their minds are full of just one thing, the relation between Jesus and the Father, how He lived His life, the secret behind this marvelous life, the relation between the Son on earth and the Father in heaven, suddenly Jesus turned upon them and said, “And verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me (now, remember what we began with, “I am going up yonder with the Father and you are going to believe on Me without seeing Me just the way you believe in God now, and verily He that believeth on me”), it will be the same way with him as with Me, the works that I do shall he do also.” It is just the Mas­ ter’s way of. saying, “My disciples, before I go away, I am going to make the same kind of contract with you which My Father made with Me. I am going up yonder ,to be with My Father and you are going to trust Me for everything just as I trusted the Father. You are going to make me

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