King's Business - 1915-04



lieve systematized in intelligent form, and the more intelligent a man is, the more he has a creed; but believing in Jesus Christ is never a creed; it is trusting a Person, as Jesus says, “He that believeth on ME.” It is as if the Master came to each one of us and said, “If you will believe that I can do it, if you will believe that I will do it, if you will abandon your­ self to me and let me do it and trust me to do it, I will enable you to live my kind of a life, that is to say, I w.ill so live in you by My .Spirit, that your disposition and temper and char­ acter will be remolded and transfig­ ured from within by the power of Divine grace that you will be made over more and more into My image. Any one who looks at this text and thinks that working miracles is the chief thought of it does not know the real teaching of the text. This world is not suffering to-day for people who can work miracles. Many people think that the supreme mark of spirit­ uality is to be able to do some kind of a stunt that was never done before. The supreme mark of spirituality is to have the disposition of Jesus, and the great need of the world to-day is a great company of people that wiu so live to-day that they will remind people of the Lord Jesus Christ. And what the Master is promising here is something far more lasting than the power to work miracles, and if we will let Him do it, He will enable us to live His kind of a life. The Lord Jesus Christ can give to the life that expects Him to do it a certain flavor, a certain quality of life that cannot be obtained any other way and that qual­ ity, elusive, hard to define, impossible of analysis, utterly baffling descrip­ tion, that quality of life which Christ imparts to the soul is the mightiest asset in the kingdom. That is the thing that makes the difference be­ tween the high saint and the low sin-

on home and I will meet you here to­ morrow afternoon at 4 o’clock.” She ran home with a glad heart. Lord Shaftesbury buttoned up his coat and hurried on. That afternoon Shaftes­ bury received an invitation to a great function for a great day. One of the crowned heads had come over from the continent. (They thought more of crowned heads in that day than they may a few months hence. Some of these crowns will be on the bargain counter for 49 cents a piece within the next twenty-four months.) In honor of this great dignitary, Loro Shaftesbury was invited. He was just dictating a letter to his secretary ac­ cepting his invitation when he remem­ bered his engagement with the little girl and he said, “That is the very hour I promised to meet that little girl on London Bridge.” Then he said, “It is not me she wants, it is the money, I can send a servant. Then his servant heard him say this, “Shaftesbury thinks too much of his word to break it to a little beggar child.” How about Jesus? If you are the weakest of His children on earth, do you know that it would be as impossible for Christ to break His Word of promise to you as it would have been for the eternal God to have broken His contract with His only begotten Son? Do you know that when you trust Jesus Christ, Christ Himself when He was on this earth never had anything more substantial and reliable to trust in than you have. “He that believeth on Me the works that I do shall he do also.” WHAT IS BELIEF? Let us examine it a little closer, what does it mean to believe in Jesus Christ ? Surely, I don’t need to say, that it never means subscribing to a creed. I have nothing to say against creeds, every intelligent man has a creed; a creed is something you be­

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