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ner, and that is what enables one to do what the thousands cannot dò, it is because of thè quality of life im­ parted by Jesus Christ. You can go to hear a thousand -singers and they all sing well, but presently there comes upon the stage one who has a quality of voiee and a range of tone that you never heard before and you will remember it as long as you live. Why ?. She did not sing more, she did not sing longer, she did not sing any­ thing different, she used the same words as the other singers, but there "is a quality there that lifted her clear into a class by herself. The supreme need of the Christian Church is Christ’s quality and flavor of life, and that is what He is promising us here. What does it mean • practically to the believer? Just this, that in the face of life’s tasks, difficulties, tasks that are going to confront you just as soon as we go through that door, tne believer is privileged, instead of fall­ ing back upon his own resources to fall back upon the resources of the reigning and living Christ. When the good wife goes into the kitchen in the morning and turns on the tap, it makes a great deal of difference whether that tap is connected with a ten-gallon tank or a great reservoir

of a lake in the mountains. If she goes off and leaves it open, the water will run out if it is connected with a tank. In the other case you-could let it run all summer and would never miss it front the lake. When you go forth to live your life among men and to project yourself into human so­ ciety, it makes a great difference whether you are connected with the ten-gallon tank of your own personal­ ity, or whether you are connected with the great Lake on the hills of God. This text invites us, not to fall back on our own resources, but upon the resources of the indwelling Christ. Limitless, boundless are the resources of Christ and the believer has a right to these resources. Let me repeat the text again, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do ; because I go unto the Father.” Dear friends, shall we go out from this sacred hour to live on the plane of the natural, just on the plane of the natural, or shall we go out and say “That upper plane, the uplands of God, for me” ? “He that believ­ eth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also.” Let’s take our Master at His Word to-day in a wider sense than ever before.

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