King's Business - 1915-04



for a kiss of greeting. Above all the racket incident to the arrival of the train he heard the stranger, looking skyward, say, “Thank G6d! I can see, can see my wife and my babes!" May the Great Oculist grant to “open the eyes of the blind” that they may see and cry, “Whereas I was blind, now I can see, .can see my Father, my Brother, my breth­ ren and my sisters.” The National Education Association calls for a prize essay on “The Essential Place of Religion in Education, with an Outline of a Plan for Introducing Religious Teaching into the Public Schools.” The occasion of the essay is the International Exposition. The call says: “Religion is to be defined in a way not to run counter to the creeds of Protestant, Roman Catholic, or Jew. The essential points to be observed are ‘A Heavenly-Fa­ ther, who holds nature and man alike in. the hollow of his hand’; the command­ ment of Hillel and Jesus of Nazareth, ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor as thyself’; the high ethical teachings and spirit of ser­ vice and sacrifice indicated in the Sermon on the Mount.” There is a good deal of difference be­ tween “religion’’ and the Gospel;. it is the difference between Error and Truth, Heathenism and Christianity, Hell and Heaven. “Religion” may be introduced into the schools, but it will take the Gospel to get into the soul. D. L. Moody said of the words, “Who­ soever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved” : “There is a wonderful sweep in that statement, it includes all kinds of sinners—drunkards, harlots, adul­ terers, murderers. Is it true, is it possi­ ble the-time is come when that text is to be fulfilled? Hundreds of years before Paul wrote that passage Joel prophesied: ‘And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.’1 That was the text from which Peter preached on the day of Pentecost.

sands of gold and s i l v e r h e then ad­ vanced it to “above gold, yea, above much fine gold;” and yet again he priced it “above all riches.” Any talk of re-valuing the Bible can be nothing but a trick to scale it down; it is a “bear” movement of speculators. Do not get panic struck, when the sensation passes the Old Security will head the list as always; “the glory of man is as the flower of grass . . . but the Word of the Lord abideth forever.” It-is easy now to find a suitable, even a national application of the following bit of bitterness ; Y enemy came nigh, And I Stared fiercely in his face. My lips went writhing back in a grimace, And stern I watched him with a narrow eye. Then, as I turned away, my enemy, That bitter heart and savake, said to me. “Some day, when this is past, When all the arrows that we have are cast, We may ask one another why we hate, And fail to find a story to relate. It may seem to us then a mystery That we could hate each other.” Thus said he, And did not turn away, Waiting to hear what I might have to say. But I fled quickly, fearing if I stayed I might have kissed him as I would a maid. -—James Stephens. Evangelist Wharton saw a man on, a train so nervous and anxious, restless in his seat, -getting up and gazing from window to window, that he had to ask him, “What is the trouble? Anything I can do for you?” The man said: “I’ve been to Cincinnati; a great oculist has operated on my eyes. I never saw my wife; or either of my four children. I was born blind. The next station is my town; they will all be there to see me.” Mr. Wharton watched him alight—saw a woman approach and throw her arms about him, and four youngsters crowding near

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