King's Business - 1915-04



. . . Adam did not call on the name of the Lord for mercy. . . . Cain never called on the name of the Lord for mercy. . . . I find over and over again 'that whenever a man did honestly call on God for mercy he found it. It does not matter how bad the man is or how black his sins, the result is the same. I suppose one of the worst characters we meet in Scripture is Manasseh. He was one of the wickedest kings that 'Judah had, and his iniquities were such that he was considered one of the vilest wretches on earth. And yet God heard his cry and delivered him from prison and put him back on, his throne.” MONTROSE BIBLE CONFERENCE. The eighth annual session of the Mont­ rose Bible Conference, under the director­ ship of R. A. Torrey, will be held at Mont­ rose, Pa., July 30 to August 8, 1915. The Montrose Bible Conference has come to be one of the three leading Bible Conferences of America, and this year presents an un­ usually strong ¡programme. Among the regular speakers will be Rev. Prof. W. H. Griffith-Thomas, D. D., of Wycliffe Col­ lege, Toronto; Rev.,W. B'. Riley, D. D., of Minneapolis; Rev. Robert MeWatty Rus­ sell, D. D., president of Westminster Col­ lege; Rev. Dr. William Evans, formerly of the Bible Institute, Chicago, and Rev. John M. Maclnnis, of Syracuse. Dr. Torrey will take part in the programme each day and tpreside at the meetings. The singing will be under the conduct of J. R. Hem- minger. There will be a special conference of min­ “T he F ederal C ouncil of C hurches ” has dispatched Dr. Shailer Matthews, of Chicago University, to Japan as its repre­ sentative to the “churches” of that country. Dr. Matthews in his published utterances has put an interrogation point, if not a ne­ gation to every distinctive Christian doc­ trine. If “th blood of the martyrs is the

isters each day, regarding their own work, in charge of Rev. George G. Mahy, D. D., secretary of the Evangelictic Committee of the General Assembly. Many of the ad­ dresses 'will be reported in T he K ing ’ s B usiness . During the Civil war conditions became such that Abraham Lincoln issued an order that none of the soldiers would be granted a furlough. A while after that order, one word that -his wife was dying. His superiors couldn’t grant him the fur­ lough, but they did let him go and try to see the president. But when the reached the president’s office a guard outside stopped him and told him it was impossible to see the great man. The soldier went away discouraged, his eyes filled with tears. Outside a little bo.y saw him. The boy was Tad Lincoln. The little boy said, “What’s the matter, Mister Soldier?” The youngster had to ask several times before the soldier heard and answered him. And when the man told the child why he mourned, the little fellow said: “Come with me: I’ll take you to see him—he’s my papa.” The boy got the soldier past the guard at the door and Lincoln' signed the order allowing him to go to the bedside of his dying wife. That story is perfect. Here is sin, the guard at the door, and you can’t get by. Sin is the barrier. Twenty-nine years ago, in a Chicago mission, Jesus Christ came to me. “I can’t get in,” I said. But He took me in and the peace of God has been with me ever since. Try it, you people.— Se­ lected. seed of the Church” this representative of “the Churches repudiates the very and only principles for which they suffered and which was “the life in the blood.” If Dr. Matthews represents “The Federal Council of Churches” he does not, at least, represent, but misrepresents, the Church of Jesus Christ.

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