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Spirit continued to strive and after fifteen wasted years, she came to the Lord. She was found dead in her bed. Likewise, a brother who used tQ go with his wife on Sunday afternoon for a walk, and finding one of God’s choice velvet carpets would lie down and rest. This particular Sunday the wife did not go, and when he did not return, went out to look for him. There he lay stretched out on the grass. He had reached his last sleep and—unsaved. Here Mother Horton broke down and was un­ able to speak for some minutes. Someone started a soft, sweet song, and when the invitation was given, six women rose up and gave their hearts to Christ, and every one felt that to win souls was the greatest vocation in life, and I am sure I am voicing the sentiments of every girl present when I say, “I am determined more than ever to be a soul-winner for Christ.” literature is often mailed to the homes of those interested. But our work does not end here, for vis­ itation is carried into the homes. The In­ stitute Bible woman, calling in the home of one of our men, found an open door for aj Bible class, and the homes of the whole neighborhood have thus been opened to the Word of God. This work among the shops is full of op­ portunity for the development of our stu­ dents who may thus, under the supervision of trained workers, put to practical test the- lessons of the class room, and they may also learn from experience the power of prayer;. Last fall, a little body of people set apart a day usually devoted to feasting and merry­ making, as a day of fasting and prayer. Among others, especially remembrance was made of one of our men, a Christian, but far away from God. That night he said to his wife, “I feel as if someone was pray­ ing for me—I am not living right,” and thus he came back to His Father, and since then has been much used of God in per­ sonal testimony, both public and private, and although he has suffered much perse­ cution, he is growing strong in the faith as he stands for his Lord.

The girls believe in bringing their Bibles, so they opened them and read in concert from the fourth chapter, of John. . “You would have to have been there to see how beautifully real she made our Saviour, but the climax came when she un­ expectedly gave a closing illustration of her sister and brother. She told how for fifteen years she had prayed for her sister, and finally the sister forbade her ever speaking to her again on the subject- She told her sister that her request would be granted, but that every night when she lay her head on her pillow she should think “Anna is praying for my soul.” Later the sister con­ fessed that when she lay down she could feel those prayers in her pillow, and throw­ ing her pillow away only found to her grief those prayers on the mattress, for the lights were out. Thinking to get away from the prayers she would turn on the light, but the I N THE city of Los Angeles, and vicinity, as in all other large cities, there are em­ ployed large numbers of men upon whom the (iemands of our modern civilization lay burdens so heavy that it is impracticable, often impossible, for them to hear the Gos­ pel, or to be built up in the Christian life by fellowship with other Christians in the usual gatherings for prayer and preaching of the Word, without sacrifice of position, or at best the means of support for their families. It is to these seven-day-a-week workers that our shop evangelists go, as well as to other places where large numbers of workingmen are assembled. The meetings are held at the noon hour in the shops, in the car barns at the hour when, by reason of the shifts of men, the largest numbers can be reached, or on the streets near the works, when no other place is available. We aim" to give the men at these meet­ ings bright, clear, pointed gospel talks, and good singing when available; then, by per­ sonal conversation, to bring them to Christ, restore the backslider, and build up the Christian in the faith. Large numbers of tracts are distributed personally, and helpful

W O RK IN T H E SHOPS David Cant, Sup’t.

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