King's Business - 1915-04



the plan of salvation, or to plead for defi­ nitely surrendered1lives. While some times only a few minutes are needed to explain the simple Gospel to those we meet in our daily walk, yet at other times it is only after many books have been read and tracts left and Scripture given in conversation as books are ex­ changed, that the way opens for definite dealing. In one home visited, the mother first spoke to us of her son whom she had laid on the altar for Christ. After a few more visits, he came to the door, and on the stair­ way we had prayer and he surrendered his life. Within a week or two the daughter came to the door, and said she would give her life to Christ for service. The books were finally discontinued because of all the family being at work and not having time to read them, but when we made our last T HE labors of this efficient band of thor­ oughly trained women are far-reach- and multifold. Their visitation work reveals the most startling facts as to spiritual things among women and girls, and scores of homes are transformed through this definite ministry. Bible classes in parlor, church, halls; etc., at the present time vary in number from ninety to one hundred and sixty per month, and the follow-up work is a large work of itself. In connection with a large number of schools in the city and nearby ‘towns are Bible classes whose members are doing fine work as students, and whose surrendered lives and strong testimony are helping many of their mates from indifference to an awakened sense of duty to God. Services of song and prayer in the homes of the “shut-ups” are greatly blessed. Calls for conference work, all-day meet­ ings, addresses in church and missionary societies, young people’s leagues and Chris­ tian Endeavors are constant and insistent. Answering the requests for private in­ terviews where soiils are crying to be de­

trip, the father came to the door and said he had given his life also. One would think—after reading Galatians 2:20, where Paul shows that Christ lives in every believer; and Luke 19:10, where He came to seek and save that which was lost; and Romans 12:1 and 2 Corinthians 5 :15, beseeching believers to not henceforth live unto themselves but unto Him who died for them—that dealing with Christian people to surrender their lives for service would be unnecessary, but people will not study the Scriptures (2 Tim. 2:15), and many of God’s children have no assurance of salvation. The instance related above is only a sam­ ple of what we have found everywhere. Sometimes we have felt we were not ac­ complishing much and wanted new terri­ tory, but at such times God has always shown His plan and encouraged us with as­ surances of His will. “Thy will be done.” livered from _sin, or some of the many false doctrines, demand uncounted time. Numberless tracts are constantly used and many Bibles, Testaments^ and Gospels are given. There seems no limit to calls for every kind and sort of Christian ministry for women, as there is no limit to the blessing of our Lord upon self-sacrificing service. The Bible women do not occupy pulpits, or seek undue prominence—finding sufficient scope for all their God-given powers in ministry among troubled and Satan-bound womankind. As needs arise, new phases present themselves, and as conditions change the work is re-adjusted wisely, and new fields are claimed for the Master. “She was a Unitarian—such a beautiful, cultured woman, eager for everything fine and helpful, but with all her wisdom, re­ finement and wonderfully attractive per­ sonality, she “knew not” the vital truth of a seeking Saviour. Ready to listen, the Magnet began to draw her will to Himself, and after two months of struggle, Satan’s bonds are broken, and she is free—for whom the Son makes free is free indeed.

W O RK O F T H E B IB L E W OM EN Mrs. T . C. H o rton, Sup’t.

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