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you say sounds reasonable and true.” As the truth from God’s Word was given him, his interest grew, but still he hesi­ tated. Finally he said he was willing to accept Christ as his personal Saviour and to trust. Him for power over the habit which kept him down. We believe he will see more clearly why he had to miss that boat, and that he will be glad for it. A quartermaster, a young fellow, was dealt with a few days ago while on duty, and right there he accepted Christ. He had 'been under conviction for awhile be­ fore meeting the worker, and was thinking that to do his best would satisfy God. After he had been shown from the Scrip­ tures that he could not be neutral towards the claims of Christ, he finally saw that the “best” was to accept Christ, and said, “I don’t want to be against Christ, and so all I can do is to take Him for my Saviour.” difference to the preaching of the Gospel, and the work requires men of real.devo­ tion to Christ and implicit faith in the power of the Word to reach and mould the hearts and lives of men. We have been ex­ tremely fortunate in having effective men for this work, and very many interesting incidents come to us concerning their work. A young man was greatly stirred by the tracts and literature we were giving out and his thoughts were turned to his own lost soul. He was under such deep conviction he couldn’t sleep, but went out on the oil tanks to pray and still didn’t find peace, until at last the message came to him, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” He got up from his knees and the doubt and sorrow was all gone, and a face that beamed like the noonday sun spoke of the peace that passeth all un­ derstanding. The other part of the secret was told to me very simply: “I have a Godly, praying mother.” Thank God for such mothers. This young man is giving

bought a Bible from an agent who sold Bibles in Panama and read it often, but I don’t understand some things, I am sorry to say.” He seemed to be afraid he could never understand the Bible, and the worker was only too glad to have the privilege of opening the Book to him. Before long, fie was rejoicing in the new-found joy of being a child of God. As the worker was on his way to visit a ship soon to leave for San Francisco, hop­ ing for an opening to preach the Word, a man made inquiry of him regarding the ship, saying he had expected to leave on an earlier boat, but had been intoxicated and overslept. He Was told that Christ was able to save his soul and also free him from the habit of drink. He seemed very interested and confessed that it was time he did something to escape a drunkard’s grave, saying, “I don’t know how, but what F OR five years a definite work has been carried on among the men in the oil fields of California, a territory covering a distance of some two hundred and fifty to three hundred miles. The location of the camps makes it im­ possible for the great bulk of the men to ' have the privilege of attending any religious service. Our two workers with a two-horse wagon, fully equipped with all the paraphernalia for outdoor life, have been visiting these fields, preaching in school houses, churches, bunk houses and dining rooms, as the way might open, and have had great blessing upon their services. Numbers of men have been brought to Christ, many families have been reached, Sunday schools have been organized and evangelistic services conducted in connec­ tion with the churches have resulted in greatly encouraging the workers and strengthening the things that remain. It is evident that there is a growing in­

W O RK IN T H E O IL F IE L D S Ralph C. Isbell, Sup’t.

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