King's Business - 1915-04

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310 T H E K ING ’S his testimony among his friends and has written to his brother and is trying to bring him to the feet of the Master.” . The following is an extract from a letter written us by the pastor of the Methodist Church in Taft, California: “I want to say a word of appreciation in regard to the work of your Oil Fields evan­ gelists. They first held a week’s meeting YOKEFELLOW S’ HALL has been in -*■ operation now something like three years, doing business for the Lord, as a Men’s JMission exclusively. Yokefellows’ Hall is a friend to the fellow that is “up against it.” Each evening at 7 :15 we begin a song service. By 7 :30 the Mission Hall is filled with men. We then lock the en­ trance door and a Gospel message inter­ spersed with praise and testimony is the order for one hour. At 8:30 every man in the Mission is fed a good, substantial meal. The newcomer is given a meal ticket, free, which entitles him to six meals. If he likes us well enough to want to eat longer than the six free meals, he can earn his next ticket by working in our wood yard. We have a large family. Some 1800 meal tickets out. It behooves the prodigal to get in before the door is locked if he r P HE preaching on the street nightly at Eighth atid Spring streets, which has become known as Mars Hill, is continued in the presence of great crowds of men. All seem deeply interested in the Gpspel message and listen with fair attention to what is said. The value of this work has been tes­ tified to by many persons. The following letter has just been received from C. E. Sebastian, chief of police, under date of March 2:

BUS INESS in my district at the ‘Hill’ school house, about two miles from Taft, where we have a Sunday School and usually preaching on a week night. As the direct result of this meeting, I have had the privilege of giving adult baptism to fifteen persons, six- of them over twenty years of age, one being over fifty, I have only words of praise for their work.' wants to eat From, sixty to one hundred men eat with us and hear the Gospel each evening. Since September 280 men have confessed publicly Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. A Bible study class for con­ verts meets once a week. A Yokefellows’ membership card is is­ sued, on application, to the fellow that gives Jesus Christ first place in his life and heart. This card means co-operative assistance to the holder along, all lines of needs. Students from the Bible' Institute and other Christian workers do personal work each evening in Yokefellows’ Mis­ sion. Street meetings are held from time to time. The Stimson Sunday School for bootblacks and newsboys meets with us each week. Lives are changed. The lost are found. The drunkard is set free. Jesus Christ saves. Praise His name forever. “For several years I have given close ob­ servation to the Mars Hill open-air work as conducted by Rev. William Mullen, un­ der the auspices of the Los Angeles Bible Institute. His religious labors, as con­ ducted on the streets and in the city jail and sub-jails has accomplished more good than I can describe in words. Mr. Mullen is a welcome visitor to the city jail at any hour of the day and night.”

W O RK A T Y O K E FE L L OW S ’ H A L L W illiam Sloan, Sup’t.

GO SPEL ON MARS H IL L W. Mullen Sup’t.

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