King's Business - 1915-04



W O RK AMONG T H E JEW S Mrs. L . Manson, Supt.

T T HAS been a year since our Jewish workers threw open their own home and dedicated it to the Master’s service. God has blessed its use in many ways. It has been used as a gathering place for young and old. A class for children is held there once a week where the children are taught the Word, and also how to sew. Scarcely a day passes without a number of Jewish visitors. Some come by invitation to pass the afternoon, or evening, or perhaps to have lunch or dinner. All hear the story of Jesus Christ, and some have come to know Him as their Saviour. .The work there has been carried on very quietly, but we are sure, very profitably. We were enjoying a quiet Sunday after­ noon gathering of young women at our workers’ home, when a mother with two little ones came to our door in great dis­ tress. ' They had been deserted by the hus­ band and father and had no friends and very little money. Of course, we took them in, and that night the mother accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour. She came in tears with a great burden on her heart, but the same night before going to bed, said, “The. burden is gone. I am going to trust God and be brave, to raise my children for Him!’’ She slept that night for the first time in a week without taking drugs. Pray for her that she may grow in grace and be able to earn a living for herself and little ones. The interest in our Tuesday night class on Messianic prophecy continues to grow. This is one of the most promising depart­ ments of our work. We find it a hard mat-’ ter to close The class each night as they always want to hear more, and there are so many questions on their lips. Each of the young women are earnestly searching the Scriptures, and we believe are under deep conviction. The possibilities in the lives of these young women are great. One of them has accepted and confessed, both

in class and publicly, Jesus Christ as Lord and Master. We believe that others will soon follow. Mr. Z.-------- j an orthodox Jew, was slowly dying of cancer. A Christian friend, desirous of having someone call on him and through the Old Testament Scriptures point him to the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world, notified one of our Jewish workers. In conversation with Mr. Z--------, the worker asked him if he was prepared for death and what lay be­ yond. He replied: “That is in God’s hands” and as for his sins, did he not beat upon his breast and ask God to forgive him? He admitted, however, that whether they were forgiven or not, he could not tell*. Asked if he would like to know for a certainty that they were, he said, yes, in­ deed, though he did not think that was possible. That this was possible was shown him from the Old Testament, after which he presented some of the usual Jewish diffi­ culties—the Deity of Messiah, the Virgin Birth, the Trinity, etc. The explanation of these difficulties from the Old Testament Scriptures was readily acknowledged, when made clear, as he was willing to accept Old Testament teaching, a rare thing even, among so-called orthodox Jews. On the third visit he told how he had lain awake nearly all the night before think­ ing over what had been told him and now the thought that was uppermost in his mind, and to which he gave expression w&s “What must I do to be saved?” Just about this time an interruption by visitors termi­ nated the conversation and the worker de­ parted, promising to call again. Imagine our joy when on seeing Mr. Z--------again he said he had settled the matter with the Lord on the night of our last visit. On being questioned he said: “I know that my sins are forgiven; that Jesus Christ is God, the Messiah of Israel. I have taken Him to be my Saviour, and I am ready to go now when He calls.”

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