King's Business - 1915-04

THE KING’S BU S INE S S Voi. 6 APRIL, 1915 No. 4


A series of volumes called “The Fundamentals,” and known to all English speaking ministers of the Gospel and prominent Protestant Christian workers, has been issued by two Christian laymen, and the stupendous project has been successfully executed of «sending a

Testimony of the Fundamentals to Be Continued

total of 3,000,000 copies of the publication regularly to all English-speaking Protestant religious workers who requested it. In completion of the original plan, the twelfth and closing volume has recently been issued. When it be­ came known that this volume would complete the publication, letters poured in upon the Executive Secretary of The Fundamentals from different parts of the world requesting that in some way this testimony be continued. The two laymen, when informed of this widespread desire, decided that the best way to continue the testimony is through The King’s Business, and they therefore made arrangements with the editors and publishers of this magazine by which this could be done. To the 100,000 men and women who have thus definitely asked it, the magazine will be sent. It is planned that there will appear each month an article along the lines of The Fundamentals, written by the same men who wrote those articles 01 by men representing, with an equal ability, the same doctrinal point of view. It is expected that there will be articles by Rev. Canon Dyson Hague, D. D., Rev. Prof. W. H. Griffith-Thomas, D. D., Rev. Dr. A. C. Dixon, Mr. Philip Mauro, Rev. Dr. L. W. Munhall, Sir Robert Anderson, Rev. Dr. W. B. Riley, Rev. Thomas C. Whitelaw, D. D., Rev. Andrew Craig Robinson, M. A., and other well-known writes in Great Britain and America with whom arrangements have already been made or will soon be made. Some of the manuscripts which have been submitted for publication in The Fundamentals, but which could not be used for lack or space, or because coming too late, will appear in Thè King’s Business. In addition to these apologetic and doctrinal articles, there will appear each month a sermon by some preacher whom God is greatly blessing in the work. Some of these sermons will be new, some of them will be a repro­ duction of the best sermons preached in the past. Great emphasis will be laid in the magazine on the teaching of the International Sunday School Lessons. It is aimed to make the magazine absolutely indispensable to the Sunday School teacher. There will also be other departments, but everything directed toward the study, teaching .and preaching of the Bible and the promotion of the prayer life and the increase of evangelistic effort.

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