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(6) God humbles human judgment in the selection of His servants. (7) The sovereignty of God is the se­ curity of the saints. (8) God attests His choice by the anoint­ ing oil. (9) The seal of God’s approval is the shedding forth of His spirit.

(3) If judges would not tremble at tfie approach of the JUDGE, they should be just. Ps. 2:10-12. (4) In sanctifying himself, a saint stands apart; in being sanctified, God sets him apart, v, 5. (5) When God chooses' a man for a king, He gets at the heart of things.

The Shepherd Psalm APRIL 18, 1915. LESSON III. Ps. 23:1-6. (Commit entire Psalm.) G olden T ext : “The Lord is my Shepherd.”—Ps. 23:1. DAILY BIBLE READINGS. Moh., Apr. 12—Ps. 23.

Tues., Apr. 13—John 10:7-16. Wed., Apr. 14—Ps. 107:31-43. Thurs., Apr. 15—Ezek. 34:22-31. Fri., Apr. 16—John 10:22-29. Sat., Apr. 17—Ps. 27 :l-9. Sun., Apr. 18—Ps. 121. EXPOSITION AND PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS

we divide it into »two parts, first part, vs. 1-4, Jehovah, my mighty and tender Shep­ herd. Second part, vs. 5, 6, Jehovah, my bountiful Host. According to the second method of dividing the Psalm, we divide it into three parts: Part 1, vs. 1-3 , “Every want met.” Part 2, v. 4, Every fear ban­ ished. Part 3, Every longing satisfied. 1. Every want met. 1-3. v. 1. “The Lord is my Shepherd.” This is the foundation thought of Part 1 as well as Part 2. The figure of the Shepherd is one of frequent occurrence in the Bible. It was a favorite illustration with our Lord. It stands for love and care and protection and provision on God’s part, and trust and obedience and following on man’s part (John 10:1, 18, 26-29; Gen. 33:13; Luke 2:8; 4:5, 6; Acts 20:29; Isa. 53:6; Matt. 9:36). To say Jehovah is my Shepherd is to say that He loves me with the tenderest love. ' How an eastern shepherd loves his sheep is brought out in Luke 15:4-6. How the Lord loves His sheep is brought out in John 10:11 and John 10:3, 4. Since Je­ hovah is my Shepherd, He loves me and

Introduction: The 23rd Psalm is a great deep; it is an unfathomable ocean of truth.- It is the first Scripture that most of us ever learned, but no one of us in a lifetime has ever exhausted it, or gotten to the bot­ tom of it. It is a short Psalm, but there is material in it for the meditation of a life­ time. How comes it that there are such treasures and such depths of truth in so small a space? There can be but one rea­ sonable answer to that question, namely, God is its Author. It is often contended by the critics that David could not have writ­ ten it, because it is so far beyond him, and so far beyond his time. Doubtless, it is beyond David, far, far beyond him, and far beyond his time, but perhaps the critics will tell us what man of any time that any one has ever dreamed of assigning the Psalm to, the Psalm is not beyond. But the Psalm is not beyond God, and its inex­ haustible depth and matchless beauty and perennial power are clear proof that God is the Author of the Psalm. There are two suggestive methods of di­ viding the Psalm: According to the first,

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