King's Business - 1915-04

DR. REUBEN A. TORREY Dean of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. President International Christian Workers* Association —1885-1892. Co-worker with the late D. «L. Moody, 1889-1899. Superintendent of Chicago Evangelization Society and Moody Bible Institute, 1889-1907. Pastor of the Moody Church, Chicago, 1894-1906. Conducted the Torrey-Alexander Missions in Australia, New Zealand, India, Germany, and Great Britain, 1902- 1905. Conducted the Torrey Missions in the United States and Canada, 1906-1911. Established the Montrose Bible Conference, 1908. Conducted Torrey Missions in England, Scotland, and Ireland, 1911. Author of twenty-five volumes on Bible Study, Methods of Christian Work and Soul Winning, which have been translated into more than twenty languages and are used as text books in all lands.

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