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David’s victory—due solely to the stone, v. 50; Dan. 2:34, 45. David completes his conquest, v. 51; 2 Kings 13:18, 19. Their champion dead, the Philistines fled, v. 51; Rev. 1:18; Questions: Should we be deliberate, or decisive, in attacking sin and Satan? Mark 1 : 12 . What precept of Paul did David practice ?. Rom. 12:11. Who is represented by-a stone? Isa. 28: 16; Luke 20:18, etc. What six things did David do? v. 51. By what seventh thing were they fol­ lowed ? PRACTICAL POINTS (1) Saul’s armor did not set well on David, but he had a chest protector better than a coat of mail. (2) Sinners with no ground for confi­ dence may be overconfident, but saints with every ground may never be overconfident. (3) We are not told to run from, but to resist the Devil, and the best way to resist him is to hit first. (4) Use no carnal weapon, not the man­ made sword, 'but the “stone cut out with­ out hands.” 2:45. (5) Put the name of Christ in your sling; it is a “savor of death” to the enemy, but life to you. (6) Make your victory sure—cut off the dragon’s, head, do not leave the field till you know that sin is done for (ever). (7) When the Philistine is dead, lie and his are done for; but the believer’s cham­ pion is victor through death, Heb. 7:25; 1 Cor. 15:55-57.

1 Kings 20:11. The giant makes a horrible boast, v. 44; Questions: Name a better man and his armor bearer? 14:6, 7. Against what foe did they ¡battle ? Do you wonder that Jonathan and David were lovers ? 2 Sam. 1 :26. When will the Philistines’ threat be ful­ filled on the Philistine world? Rev. 19:17, 18. Of whom did David predict an opposite fate? Acts 2:29, 31. (3) David Defies the Philistine, vs. 45-47. David pours contempt on the Philistines’ armory, v. 45; Matt. 26:53, 55. David declares his trust in Jehovah, and that he is about to do business in His name, v. 45; Acts 4:12. David’s prediction, v. 46; Acts 2:30. The primary purpose of its fulfillment, v. 46; John 20:20, 31. The secondary purpose of its fulfillment, v. 47; Heb. 11:32-34. Questions: What has God said for the comfort of His people of Goliath’s weap­ ons? Isa. ^54:17. What does He say of His sword? Deut. 32 ;41, 42. What is one of His swords? Heb. 4:12; Rev. 19:15. Whom does David .typify in his conflict? Luke 1:69. Whom does the Philistine typify? Rev. 13:1-7; 19:20. How may we win similar victories? 1 John 5 :4. (4) David Defeats the Philistine, vs. 48-51. The Philistine’s confident deliberation in moving to the attack, v. 48; 1 Thess. 5 :3. David’s assured promptness and eager­ ness in attacking the giant, v. 4; 2 Cor. 2*11. David’s well-aimed and fatal blow, v. 49; Ps. 18:34, 38.

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