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The Best Books on the Signs of the Times THE COMING PRINCE By Sir Robert Anderson. Seventh edi­ WHAT SHALL BE DONE IN THE DRY? By James Dunbar. The author has

tion of this standard work on the anti­ christ. A comprehensive explanation of Daniel’s great prophecy on the seventy weeks, together with an answer to the higher criticism....................... Cloth, $1.50 “ THE MORNING COMETH’’ By David James Burrell. A masterly comparison of the earliest history with modern times, showing the fruition ■of God’s plans. While the one general thought runs through the hook, each chapter is complete in itself and furnishes food for profitable meditation and practical Chris­ tian living......... ....... ........----- .....Cloth, 75c THINGS TO COME By John R. Caldwell. A short outline of some of the great events of prophecy. This book is to be read with an open Bible for continual reference. Beginning with the promises to Abraham, it treats of the chief events in God’s plan of the ages so far as revealed in His Holy Word. ................ ...................... . ....... .__ Cloth, 50c THE HOPES OP THE CHURCH OF GOD, IN CONNECTION WITH THE DESTINY OF THE JEWS AND THE NATIONS By J. N. Darby. Contents: The Church and Its Glory; Second Coming of Christ; First Resurrection; Progress of Evil on the Earth; The Twofold Character of Evil; Judgment of the Nations; Israel’s First Entry Into the Land; Israel ’s Failure and Dispersion; Promises of Future Re­ storation........ .................. ......... Cloth, 75c THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES By I. M. Haldeman. Vivid and start­ ling portrayals of present-day conditions. A new and large edition at this remarkably low price........-_....................... Cloth, 75c ONINOUS DAYS! OR, THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES By E. L. Langston. Treats of Israel and the dispensations; Israel and the tribu­ lation; Israel and the kingdom. Cloth, 40c THE NTGHT IS FAR SPENT, THE DAY IS AT HAND By George Lovely. Lessons on un­ fulfilled prophecy. Helpful to young Chris­ tians. Profitable and instructive. Cloth, 35c AFTER THE THOUSAND YEARS By Geo. F. Trench. The glorious reign of Christ as Son of Man in the dispensation of the fulness of times. These pages are rich in suggestiveness, and will inspire their readers to fuller and more careful attention to this branch of the prophetic page..................._..Cloth, $1.00

sought out1and put in order the teaching of Holy Scripture, “ In the law of Moses, in the Prophets, and in the Psalms,” as well as from the lips of our Lord and of His Apostles, especially concerning God’s peo­ ple Israel during the awful period of Anti­ christ ’s manifestation, rule and persecution of the saints of the Most High. ________ __________________ Cloth, $1.00 GOD’S OATH By Ford C. Ottman. This is a study of an unfulfilled promise of God. It is a practical interpretation - of the prophets and a study of the spiritual life of the Old and New Testament...........Cloth, $1.25 THE EVOLUTION OF THE KINGDOM By William B. Riley. Dr. Riley first defines the kingdom of God and then gives a Scriptural description of it. Then follow chapters on the tribulation and the transla­ tion, the kingdom and the resurrection body, the great usurper’s short reign, the biblical order of millennial events, the king­ dom of God complete “ in heaven,” the historical ministry of pre-millennialisin, and the significant signs of the times. ___ ... ...________________ Cloth, 75c FUTURE EVENTS, WITH NUMEROUS PROPHETIC DETAILS By Walter Scott. Very satisfactory answers to one hundred forty questions asked by eager inquirers, including: “ Will the Lord come personally or by the spirit?” ‘ ‘ Will the Lord’s Coming be pre-millennial or post-millennial?” “ Will evil increase or decrease before the Lord comes?” “ Will all the saints then alive on the earth meet the Lord in the air?” and many others of equal interest........................ Cloth, 35c THE LAST TIMES By Joseph A. Seiss. An especially sane and calm discussion of the prophecies con­ cerning Christ’s personal return to the earth, together with the circumstances pre­ ceding and following that event. It is supplemented by a valuable chronology and an excellent chapter on the authorities, books, and references on the Advent and the Millennium...........—....——Cloth, $1.25 DEEPENING SHADOWS AND COMING GLORIES By A. Sims. An outline of the won­ derful events to transpire in the church and the world from the appearing of Christ to the close of the millennial age. Cloth, $1.00

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