Peak Motion: Sports Injuries & Post Surgical Rehab

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August, 2018


Adjust your body temperature. Hop into a cold shower before your workout. Studies show that a pre-exercise cool down improves performance in the heat — probably because it lowers your heart rate as well as core and skin temperatures. Get the dirt. Try to walk, run, or cycle on dirt or gravel paths, since asphalt and concrete tend to radiate heat and reflect the sun’s rays, making you feel hotter. Cool down with essential oils. Dabbing a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil on the back of your neck and at your temples just before your workout provides a cooling effect and also opens up your nasal passages, so you can breathe a little easier when the air is humid. Summarize your intervals. To keep your fitness level up, do your regular cardio at a slightly slower pace, but add in 30-second speed bursts every three to five minutes. Refuel with fruit. They’re more than 80 percent water, so fruits such as grapes, cantaloupe, and honeydew are a tasty way to replenish fluids and boost your energy post-workout.

Put the cool factor back into your workout routine with these tricks this summer! Always remember to stay hydrated and listen to your body to avoid dehydration or stressing any muscles.


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