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Raelin Swillum 2019 FFA Speaking Contest - 1st Place Winner & South West District Winner Presented by Dale Hunsburger & Marci Sale of AKC / Purina Pro Plan

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the Prez Sez

I hope that everybody is doing well and making it alright with these times we are in. We want to thank all of our Sponsors, Vendors, Members, and

Visitors that made our 2020 Educational Conference a success. We had more vendors this year than we’ve had in the past and we had many students turn in scholarship applications this year; I believe we had 22 applications. I want to thank everybody that worked on the committee for putting on the conference along with everybody that helped us throughout the three days of the event. We will begin planning for the 2021 Educational Conference in the next few months. As we move into the future, we hope everybody stays safe and that we can get back to our normal lives. Be safe! Kevin Beauchamp, MPBA President

from your Publicity Director

These are probably the hardest comments that I have written over the last few years.

A big thank you to the 47 volunteers who made this year’s conference a success, to the 100 (plus) vendors, the scholarship sponsors, FFA sponsors, 15 speakers, FREE banquet, and live auction. A special thank you to Kathleen Monks for taking pictures. You will see her work in this magazine. New to helping everywhere was Santos Mondragon. Sue Swanigan kept plenty of coffee and donuts. The registration desk was manned by Debra Allen, Lynn Sartin, and Linda Buck. The education was great! Stacy Jones made the coupons for your CEUs, and Debbie McGinnis handed them out. The virus kept some people away, but I am happy to report that we have no complaint of anyone getting sick from attending the conference. For the people that never attend anything, you had a better excuse this year. When are you going to wake up and participate? I hope you don’t wait too long. We sent out 1,350 4th quarter (2019) magazines to every licensed breeder in Missouri. What does it take to get most of these breeders at an educational conference? I am open to suggestions and to volunteers that want to work in our industry. Thanks to Sue for coordinating the 127 clock radios for the veteran’s home. She and Beverly Simmons coordinated a presentation to some veterans that would bring tears to your eyes. For those of you that did not come to the 2020 educational conference , you missed a great opportunity. Ann Quinn, MPBA Publicity Director



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FFA Speaking Contest Winners 2019

Raelin Swillum 1st Place FFA 2019 Speaking Contest Winner Sponsored by: AKC/Purina Pro Plan 1st Place FFA 2019 Speech Contest – South West District Winner Sponsored by: American Canine Association

Jackson McKee 2nd Place FFA 2019 Speaking Contest Winner Sponsored by: South West Auction–Bob Hughes 1st Place FFA 2019 Speech Contest – North East District Winner Sponsored by: American Canine Association

Cassidy Prater 1st Place FFA 2019 Speech Contest – Central District Winner Sponsored by: American Canine Association

Kimberly Bradshaw 1st Place FFA 2019 Speech Contest – South Central District Winner Sponsored by: American Canine Association

Lydia Whaley 1st Place FFA 2019 Speech Contest – South East District Winner Sponsored by: American Canine Association

Katie Basham 1st Place FFA 2019 Speech Contest – North West District Winner Sponsored by: American Canine Association


MPBA Scholarship Winners Ben Greer MPBA Scholarship Winner Sponsored by: Avenue Vet Clinic

“Dear MPBA, I would like to thank you for choosing me as a recipient of your scholarship. I mentioned in my scholarship application that I had applied to the University of Missouri’s School of Veterinary Medicine and I wanted to inform you that I have been accepted! Your scholarship is greatly appreciated and I am very grateful for the help it will make toward my future. With much appreciation, Ben Greer”

Aubrey Baker MPBA Scholarship Winner Sponsored by: Airbound Pets

Devyn Rackley MPBA Scholarship Winner Sponsored by: San Jon Kennels

Kaylee Lower MPBA Scholarship Winner Sponsored by: Lambert Vet Supply

Bryce Friga MPBA Scholarship Winner Sponsored by: Lena Cross – Piker-Piker

Not Pictured: Tina Huff MPBA Scholarship Winner | Sponsored by: Dreamaker Farms 9

MPBA 2020 EXPO & CONFERENCE March 13 th & 14 th , 2020 Cowan Civic Center • Lebanon, Missouri



WOOF FOR VETS A Dog, A Difference

“Suck it up!”, “Only slugs go on sick call!”, “Don’t let your team down!”, “Push through it!”–These are just some of the things that a soldier hears. A soldier lives a life seeing things that no person should have to see, doing things that no person should ever have to do, and hopefully living through things that no person should have to live through. It does not take long before a soldier finds himself or herself trusting no one outside of his or her platoon, self-medicating on whatever will stop the thoughts in his or her head, and living a life that is reckless. Those are the good times. Soldiers will eventually find themselves on the outside of the military, which means no one to trust and no one who understands the pain in their minds. All of this leads to isolation and a mindset of “to heck with everyone”. Every soldier who has ever put a uniform on understands this to some degree. Everything that made you a perfect soldier now makes you a broken civilian; a square peg surrounded by round holes. There is nowhere to fit in. What does a soldier need in the midst of all of this? The same thing we all need, unconditional love. A love that is there no matter what you have done. A love that says “I love you no matter what.” This is where an organization like “Woof for Vets” makes all the difference in the world. For some veterans, it is the difference between life and death. A dog can bring life back to eyes that haven’t had life for a long time. A dog can bring hope to someone who hasn’t had hope for a long time. And a dog loves no matter what. “Woof for Vets” is changing lives, one dog at a time. I had never heard of this organization prior to visiting with a good friend from church, who told me about this organization that would provide him with a dog at no charge. He was excited just talking about it. I want to thank the breeders who are willing to donate beautiful and wonderful dogs to those who most need them. My friend was able to get the best looking and best natured Lab because of Sam, breeder and “Woof for Vets.” There was one problem. My friend was in a dorm- like setting where he was not allowed to have a dog that was not house trained. This is where my family came into the situation and took the puppy. We worked with the puppy until he was house trained and could go live with my friend, the veteran. Once this was done, my

friend welcomed his puppy with arms wide open. We have an awesome organization in “Woof for Vets” that can coordinate adoptions. We have some wonderful breeders who are willing to donate dogs, but we could always use more breeders. If you are a dog breeder, please contact “Woof for Vets” to learn how you can be involved. There is also something that each and every person who reads this article can do. Those who have been blessed financially can donate to help this great cause. Those who have time and a desire to play a part in this can donate their time and resources to help a great cause. No matter the role you choose to play, you can rest assured that you are helping to provide unconditional love to a soldier who needs it. Written by Walter, Veteran

Definition of a Veteran A veteran – whether active duty, retired or national guard or reserve – is someone who at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America,” for an amount of “up to and including their life.” That is honor, and unfortunately there are people in this country who no longer understand it. ~Author Unknown 12


Brew to Bone by Paul Newton | Story and photos reprinted from the April 2020 edition of Rural Missouri magazine

Kim Meyer likes to stop unsuspecting dog owners in their tracks. While representing her family business at festivals and farmers markets, some attendees try to speed walk by her booth. “I just ask ‘Does your dog want a beer treat?’ and they stop and look a little confused,” she says. “They’ll usually come up and talk and learn about what we’re doing.” Kim and her fiance, Charles

way to baking the treats and in late 2017, they created The Crafted Bone. It takes 12 cups of spent grains to make 15 bags of the treats, so they knew partnerships with local breweries would be required. They first teamed

up with O’Fallon-based Good News Brewing, using their spent grains to make treats. “We were nervous. We knew that our friends and family liked giving them to their dogs, but you just don’t know how it

Saso, have turned a passion for homebrewing into a business venture by taking spent grains from more than 20 local breweries and using them to make all-natural dog treats in St. Charles County. Charles was already a

will go,” Charles says. “We dropped off the bags at Good News on Thursday and they called Friday letting us know they were sold out and wanted more.” Their business took off and they formed partnerships with more and more breweries in St. Charles County and later in the greater St. Louis area. The appeal of the treats went further than the couple initially thought. “We thought our target market would be beer people who like dogs, or vice versa,” Kim says. “But really it’s people who like to know the ingredients that are going into their dog’s treats and the idea of repurposing something that might have otherwise been thrown away.” There’s no lengthy list of ingredients in the treats, which contain no alcohol. It’s a simple mixture of spent grains,

homebrewer when he met Kim more than five years ago. She liked the idea of making a product from just a few basic ingredients and seeing the process through. The couple would enjoy the

fruits of their labor as well as gift it to friends and family. “One thing that kind of bothered us was that we had all these

grains left over and we felt bad just throwing them out,” Charles says. “We figured there had to be something you could do with them so we started researching.” They found plenty of recipes online including cookies, pizza dough and all sorts of baked goods. But one recipe stuck out to the canine lovers: spent grain dog

flour, natural peanut butter and eggs. That mixture is rolled out, cut into the appropriate shape, baked and dehydrated. While they use a cookie cutter on the wet mixture before baking, these aren’t your normal

treats. The couple — who both work in healthcare — started experimenting with the recipe and different styles of grains, only using those without hops as the flower is toxic to dogs. Like their homebrew, they started making it in small batches at home later sharing the freshly made treats with their dogs. “Then we started

cookie-cutter treats. “Because we’re using these ingredients and doing them by hand, they’re not all perfectly the same shape,” Charles says. “They can look different based on the type of grain that was used.” Grains from each

carrying them with us and giving them to our family and friends; their dogs all loved them,” Charles says. “We started to think we might be onto something.” Homebrewing gave

specific brewery are kept isolated so the treats are available at the location where the corresponding beer was brewed. They are sold with either 10 small or 30 large treats per bag.


In addition to the breweries, they’re available online or a number of retailers in St. Charles County. It’s a family affair for Kim and

like knowing that the bones are homemade and only have four ingredients and not made in some far away factory. There’s a lot of care and love that goes into making them,” Charles says. “And they’re from your local brewery. People around here are very locally proud.”

Charles. The duo along with children and parents make up the entire operation, from picking up the grains to baking the treats to packaging the final product. Their 12-year-old chihuahua, Diego, serves as The Crafted Bone’s chief quality control officer. Their simple, natural recipe along with a local focus is what Charles and Kim were hoping for with The Crafted Bone. “People

For more on The Crafted Bone and a list of where their products are available, visit www. or call 636-345-4473.

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A Breeder’s Purpose Raelin N. Swillum 1st Place 2019 FFA Speaking Contest Winner

Anthony McReynolds contacted my father two years ago inquiring about a German Shepherd we had for sale. We had one puppy left in the litter and he agreed to come down and look at him. When he got to our house, we began talking and he started telling us a little about his life. Anthony was a veteran of the Marine Special Forces, in a unit known as the Raiders. He dealt with close quarter, hand-to-hand combat. He honestly looked like the kind of guy who could run five miles and then beat someone up without even getting winded. However, Sargent McReynolds came home with injuries that could not be seen, he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and was medically retired. He decided that he needed to try dog therapy, so he purchased our puppy and named him Raider. Since then, he has given us many updates on how his life has changed. He talks about how protective Raider is of his children, how he is always with him, and how he is his best friend. McReynolds said that even though the dog had been the last puppy left, he felt like he had the pick of the litter. My family has been raising dogs for years, and it’s those kinds of stories that remind me that we are more than just dog breeders, but these animals can actually help change peoples’ lives. It has been made clear to me that pet breeders are essential to the well being of humans. A study conducted by George Mason University showed that “the pet industry supported over 1.3 million U.S. jobs in 2015 that paid more than $60 billion in salaries, wages and benefits” (“Economic Powerhouse”, 2017). Dr. Terry L. Clower, the man who headed the study stated that “not only does the pet industry contribute more than $221 billion to the economy, but that also includes an impressive $23 billion in federal, state, and local taxes” (“Economic Powerhouse”, 2017). You see, this is encouraging because it means that the pet industry is growing and its impacts on our country are positive, providing both benefits to us and to our animals. Pets provide us with companionship, joy, fun, love, and health, as well as helping our country’s economic vitality (“Economic Powerhouse”, 2017). “Over 71 million American households, that’s 62%, have a pet, and most people consider their pets as members of the family. Some research studies have found that people who have a pet have healthier hearts, stay home sick less often, make fewer visits to the doctor, get more exercise, and are less depressed. Pets may also have a significant impact on allergies, asthma, social support, and social interactions with other people” (Casciotti, 2017). Unbelievable to many, however, is that there are groups that do not believe that pets should be used for any reason. In fact, there are groups that want the public to believe that they are saving all of the starving pets, but in all reality, that’s

just a front for organizations with hidden agendas. Many non-governmental organizations do nothing to actually protect the animals; instead, they harm American families, taxpayers, and businesses, as well as our valued wildlife (“Environmental NGO’s”). “These groups supposedly want to see species protected, but the results show that they are backlogging the system, and the money shows that they are getting paid to do so” (“Environmental NGO’s”). They use words like “horrific”, “perverted”, “torture”, and “barbaric” to intentionally mislead and trigger uninformed supporters to hit the “donate” button; but in all reality, the thesarus is the only source they use in their “research”. This honestly isn’t anything new, because animal rights groups “always rely on histrionics, misinformation, and outright falsehoods to garner donations” (“Group Creates Drama”). “Their fundraising activities fool the public into believing that their donation dollars are going to provide care for animals in their area, [however] their deceptive practices [actually harm] local shelters. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, otherwise known as the ASPCA, tries to associate itself with saving animal lives when, in fact, its highest priority is fundraising and pushing legislation to limit the rights of animal owners” (“Trickery In Fundraising”). Groups like these do not believe that animals should be used by humans or be in human care at all (“Group Creates Drama”). Animal rights organizations “seek to put an end to animal ownership” (“Threats”). Protect the Harvest stated that “pet breeding is facing some serious threats from animal rights groups. In an effort to disguise their true intentions of outlawing animal ownership, animal rights groups have been seeking to both regulate pet breeders out of business and to restrict choices for citizens when it comes to selecting a pet. In doing so, they are not only attacking the breeder’s ability to provide for themselves and their families, but they are also targeting your right to raise and care for your family’s pets. These groups continue to spread false information that distorts consumer perception of how pet breeders operate in hopes of forcing the issue” (“Threats”). “In 2017, California passed Assembly Bill 485 into law. This new law mandates that all dogs, cats, and rabbits sold in pet stores must come from rescues or shelters, rather than federally licensed’ and regulated breeders. Pet stores will also face a $500 fine if found to be selling animals from federally licensed breeders” (“Threats”). Now, since this law has passed in California, it has set a precedent and has given animal rights groups a foot in the door that allows them to push similar legislation in other states. In fact, there is legislation being proposed that would actually outlaw 22

selling animals from federally licensed breeders. Instead, the animals would have to come from a shelter or rescue. Now, of course, there are some concerns with this type of law. According to Protect the Harvest, this lawwould take “away a buyer’s freedom of choice, as well as any consumer protections previously offered by USDA licensed breeders. These consumer protections include ’true to breed’ temperaments, health clearances, and some states offer ‘Pet Protection’ policies that refund the purchase price and veterinary care if the dog falls ill immediately after bringing it home. The same cannot be said for animals sourced from rescues or shelters, simply because they, more often than not, come with little knowledge of their history. Some are even imported from outside the U.S.” (“Threats”). But I’m in support of Americans having the right to choose where their next animal comes from. The Humane Watch makes it clear that “animal owners and animal related businesses are under attack by those who seek to eliminate animal ownership and eliminate animal enterprise in America. Powerful, organized interests are using bully tactics or the force of government to push their radical animal rights agenda on law abiding animal owners and animal related businesses” (“Cavalry Group”). We can’t allow them to take away our right to own and breed animals. Protect the Harvest believes that “we must stand united to protect our freedoms. We can do this by supporting agriculture, land use, hunting and fishing, animal ownership, and animal welfare. Standing united helps us all to respond to laws, regulations, or misinformation that would negatively impact animal welfare and animal ownership, restrict our rights, and limit our freedoms. It’s important to work together and stay educated to prevent animal rights groups from gaining any more ground furthering their agenda. These groups work with a ‘Divide & Conquer’ mentality. It does not matter what group you fall under, if it has to do with agriculture or animals, you are affected” (“Stand United”). There is no doubt in my mind that Anthony McReynolds would tell you that Raiderwas life changing. That last chance, last picked dog was paired with Anthony for a reason. Proverbs 16:4 states that “The Lord has made everything for its own purpose...” (Proverbs 16:4, ESV) and I believe that Raider was born for Anthony. We must continue to tell this story to others so that we, as an industry, can continue to fight those that don’t understand what we do. References Animal Rights Group Creates Drama Over Wild Spayed Filly Futurity in Order to Fundraise. ( n. d.). Retrieved from animal-rights-group-creates- drama-over-wild-spayed-filly-futurity-in-order-to- fundraise/. Animal Rights Trickery In Fundraising. (n.d.). Retrieved from need-to-know/animal-rights-trickery-in-fundraising/. Casciotti, D. (2017, March 31). Animals play an important role in many people’s lives and often help with therapy, rehab, etc. Learn more about the possible benefits of pet companionship. Retrieved from benefits-pets-human-health/. Many Environmental NGO’s Do Nothing to Actually Protect The Environment. (n.d.). Retrieved from ngos-do-nothing-to-actually-protect-the-environment/. New Study: Pet Industry is Economic Powerhouse - Pet ... (2017, February 2.). Retrieved from industry-is-economic-powerhouse. The Cavalry Group - Home. (n.d.). Retrieved from Threats to Animal Ownership. (n.d.). Retrieved from protecttheharvest.c01rJwhat-you-need-to- know/animal-owners/. We Must Stand United - Article Series. (n.d.). Retrieved from we-must-stand- united-articles/.



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There are also many other good reasons to register with the American Kennel Club: ● The American Kennel Club has been a trusted brand among dog breeders and owners for over 125 years making them America’s premier dog registry ● To help you succeed as a breeder your AKC Breeder Relations team provides you with superior customer service, personalized programs, breeder education through seminars and prompt, efficient service. ● AKC Sponsored Health Clinics for breeding stock ● AKC Puppy Protection Package Registration Sales Program ● Reduced fees for litter registration and breeding stock registration Contact us for more information: AKC Breeder Relations PO Box 900067, Raleigh, NC 27675 Fax – 919-816-4232

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MAY 1 & 2. ..........................IHAW EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE......................................................... ARTHUR, IL 7..................................APRI NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL TELECONFERENCE CALL 9..................................MPBA APRI DOG SHOW........................................................................... LITCHFIELD, MN 15 & 16. ......................DPBA EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE. ........................................................ SIOUX FALLS, SD 30................................MAKING TRACKS FOR APRI DOG SHOW. ................................................. MOBERLY, MO JUNE 5..................................PPA EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE. ........................................................... MOBERLY, MO 18................................APRI NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL TELECONFERENCE CALL AUGUST 1..................................NEIaPPA APRI DOG SHOW. ...................................................................... MONTICELLO, IA 6 & 7. ..........................PPBT EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE. ......................................................... MT PLEASANT, TX ....................................MO STATE FAIR 4-H DOG SHOW. ............................................................. SEDALIA, MO SEPTEMBER 10 & 11. ......................MAHA EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE........................................................ SPRINGFIELD, MO 17................................APRI NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL TELECONFERENCE CALL 18 & 19. ......................ICAW EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE.......................................................... TBA OCTOBER 10................................MMRB APRI DOG SHOW.......................................................................... LEBANON, MO 15................................APRI NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL TELECONFERENCE CALL NOVEMBER 7..................................TRI ST PPA EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE.................................................. INDEPENDENCE, KS 20................................PPA EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE. ........................................................... MOBERLY, MO DECEMBER 3..................................APRI NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL TELECONFERENCE CALL 2020 EVENT CALENDAR

**For more information on the 2020 Events please give me a call or send me an email.** Lena Cross, America’s Pet Registry, Inc (660) 676-7255 |

Missouri Farmers Care

The 2019 Race to the Plate with the St. Louis Cardinals highlighted the work of pork, corn, soybean and dairy producers to raise food, feed and fuel. The partnership with the St. Louis Cardinals reaches over 3.3 million consumers with messages which build trust and understanding in food production. Daniel Troesser and his family from Laddonia, Mo., represented Missouri Pork in the 2019 Race to the Plate. This year’s theme was “Our Farm Family.” For the third year in a row, Missouri agriculture raised awareness of childhood food insecurity and support for food banks across the state through the Missouri Farmers Care Drive to Feed Kids. Through this summer- long effort, farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, FFA members and legislators supplied more than 128,460 meals, donated more than 15,000 pounds of canned food and packed 1,740 backpack meals, in addition to raising $175,000, for Misouri children facing hunger. Missouri Pork was a partner helping provide lunch for the FFA students on Missouri FFA Food Insecurity Day and sponsored the Snapchat filter for the event. There are abundant opportunities to become engaged and support the programs of Missouri Farmers Care by reaching out to Executive Director Ashley McCarty at With the power of partnership, Missouri agriculture accomplishes more working together.


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Appreciation From a Veteran Words cannot express our appreciation & gratitude to Beverly & Sue with Woof for Vets. My husband, a veteran, has needed a companion dog to help with his PTSD and anxiety issues. He was overseas during his tour of duty and along with the devastation he had to work through in humanitarian aid during Hurricane Frederick in Alabama, to his having to watch his best friend/soldier killed from an accident and having to collect his remains and bring him back to the states to his family. He was immediately comfortable with our new "puppy", Pepper. Beverly and Sue went out of their way to match a dog through Woof for Vets to bond with my husband and he will begin training in April. The family is bonding well with Pepper. Any veteran that has sacrificed his life for our country is blessed and honored for his service by this organization providing free dogs to each veteran. Also, the groomers, veterinarians, trainers & all involved with this organization are true heroes for honoring our veterans. Thank you for all that you have done & will continue to do. To see a need and step up and do all you can to meet that need to help deserves our sincere thanks. Blessings, Will and Pam, Staff Sgt, Army, Retired


Pamela Dean

Private Dog Classes

(417) 413-7036


N T N EO T ECH, LLC Core vaccines for the life of your pet.

For more informa�on: Please contact Dr. Ben Hatler: 1.877.636.8324 Fax: 731.364.5860 Email:

Will N EO P AR ® (canine parvovirus vaccine) override maternal an�bodies in young puppies?

In our study, fi�y-two 3 week old puppies (18 to 21 days of age) were administered a 1cc dose of N EO P AR ® . Prior to vaccina�on a blood sample taken from each of the 52 puppies indicated pre-exis�ng CPV (canine parvovirus) maternal an�bodies were present (range: 32 to 3,162; average of 522). Independent researchers have reported that a CPV maternal an�body �ter of 20 or higher can block conven�onal vaccines from s�mula�ng protec�on. Fourteen days a�er vaccina�on (at five weeks of age) a second blood sample was collected to determine the level of vaccine induced CPV an�body. Ninety percent of the puppies had a posi�ve vaccine induced CPV an�body response to only one dose of N EO P AR ® . A posi�ve vaccine induced CPV an�body response is defined as having at least a 4 fold increase in the an�body level between the before and the 14 day post vaccina�on blood sample.

Summary of CPV antibody levels * average pre vaccination maternal antibody level 522 **

® Percentage of 3 week old puppies with a posi�ve vaccine induced CPV an�body response to one dose of N EO P AR

range of pre vaccination maternal antibody level frequency of vaccine induced antibody range of positive vaccine induced antibody level average positive vaccine induced antibody level

32 to 3,162


47 of 52 (90%)

2,138 to 1,000,000


* CPV an�body levels are reported as the dilu�on of serum that neutralizes CPV in a constant virus-varying serum assay. ** Studies indicate that a maternal an�body of 20 prevents conven�onal vaccines from inducing a posi�ve CPV an�body response


Posi�ve vaccine induced CPV an�body response No vaccine induced CPV an�body response

N EO T ECH, LLC is a United States Department of Agriculture licensed veterinary vaccine manufacturer that strictly adheres to the core vaccine principle endorsed by veterinarians, scien�sts, and dog enthusiasts. N EO T ECH, LLC’s philosophy towards vaccina�on of dogs is simple. Avoid over-vaccina�on of dogs by only using simple and potent vaccines. N EO T ECH, LLC has a 40 year history of enhancing animal well-being and helping animals live quality lives. N EO T ECH, LLC’s N EO P AR ® is a single an�gen vaccine. It has proven superior protec�on and less likely to produce a reac�on than complex combina�on vaccines. Yes, even in the presence of high maternal an�bodies, N EO P AR ® induced a high protec�ve level of CPV an�bodies against the #1 viral disease of puppies.



Dreams Do Come True Woof for Vets | 2020 MPBA Expo

Woof for Vets has been a great success at the MPBA Expo. We are truly thankful to everyone who volunteered their time and your strong commitment to help keep MPBA and our organization going strong, and it’s really inspiring to see. A heart felt thank you goes out to dog breeders, friends and locals for making our radio drive for veterans a huge suc- cess during the past 2 months. Saturday, March 14th, a total of 101 radios were transported by Keith Stoltenow, Woof for Vets Kansas to be delivered to veterans at the Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Center, Leavenworth, KS a long term care facility for those who are battling PTSD. Additionally we collected $405.00 to buy 19 more radios which will complete the amount needed. We are planning to use the donations to purchase 20 more radios to be delivered to the Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks, Fayetteville, AR long term care facility for PTSD. KJEL 103.7 live radio reporters stopped at our booth and interviewed Sue regarding what Woof for Vets does and the Veterans’ Radio Drive. Much to Sue’s surprise a wonderful lady heard her speaking and she stopped what she was doing to purchase and deliver three new radios to the front desk. We certainly appreciate and send out a big thank you to the mystery lady and each and every one of you who took your time, money, and displayed kindness and concern for America’s Hero’s. Pamela, Professional Dog Trainer and Pack Leader and her German Shepherd, April, a proven service dog in obedience, therapy, and advanced training visited our booth. Pamela and April demonstrated basic and advance skills to the public and enjoyed visiting and talking about dogs, education, and training. She encourages positive reinforcement training, reward- ing appropriate behaviors, and providing solutions for all breeds and ages. Ozark Lowes provides the right atmosphere, noises, space, distractions, children and other ongoing activities to make it an excellent location to hold veteran canine training classes. You can find Pamela at Ozark Lowes on Saturday mornings with her beautiful April, who helps her doggie friends learn more quickly. Canine classes are free for our veterans and Pa- mela offers one-on-one training at a reasonable cost. We extend our gratitude to Ozark Lowes for supporting Pamela and our veterans by allowing them to hold classes during their business hours for more than 3 ½ years. Ozark Lowes, you are dog-gone the best! We could not do this without you.

During our high noon presentation, Sue presented a thank you plaque to a very surprised and appreciative Marci Sale, Eastern Area Manager - Breeder Enthusiast Group at Nestle Purina/Pro Plan. Marci has been instrumental in providing 23 pallets of dog feed and a pallet of doggie treats for veterans. The best part was when Sue presented her with thank you cards and notes from vet- erans regarding their appreciation for the food and feedback on how much their dogs liked the new Pro Plan food. Marci was so emotionally touched that she asked to wait to open her mail. A sincere thank you to MPBA members Kathleen and Emmett, and American Legion Riders Post 639, veterans Vonnie, Frank, Trey, and Sam for helping to distribute the pallets of dog food to veter- ans in the Houston and Springfield areas. Smile! Great job, Kath- leen, capturing all of us on camera. One of our best moments was when the veterans met their puppies. Sue opened the presentation while Beverly, pups, breed- ers, veterans, and convoy hid out so the two veterans could not see their dogs. When the time came, our convoy made their way to the staging area. Vonnie handed Robert, Iraqi veteran, a beauti- ful, adorable Boston Terrier, a gift from Jenny. Robert is still smiling and happy, happy about his puppy. Georgia (breeder) presented Clint, Iraqi veteran, with a gorgeous, sweet, black-coated German Shepherd puppy. He is a happy camper and Clint says “they are joined at the hip”. We extend our congratulations to the veterans and their fur babies, and a special, warm thank you to devoted breeders who make veteran dreams come true. Purebred Dog Breeders say it best by giving the Gift of Life 31

Dear Clients and Friends; I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for the things you do to support the communities you live and work in. Thank you for constantly stepping up and ta ing leadership positions in our schools, churches, civic organizations and government. Thank you for providing jobs to those who live in and around our communities. During past times that challenged us, I have seen you step forward, join hands with others and chart a path that moved us forward. It will be that same spirit of determination that will prevail in the coming weeks that will get us beyond the trials and tribulations that we are currently experiencing. I wanted to let you know that all of us here at Alpha Media, Regional Radio KJEL-KFBD-KOZQ-KJPW- KBNN and KIIK, are standing by if you need help. Please call or email us with your news and information so that we can share it with our radio and web audiences. If you need ideas to help communicate with your customers, please ask for our assistance. We are here for you and have a wealth of experience. Again, thank you for who you are and what you do to better the lives of those who live and work in the Ozarks.

Mike Edwards Market Manager Alpha Media Wainesville Lebanon


Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the eligible purchase price to charities. No administrative fees, no deductions, and no cost to the charity. Log on to to register Follow prompts to select a 501(c)(3) public charity Click on Veteran, scroll down and select Woof for Vets

Your selection will be remembered For more information, please visit


What To Expect From Your New Puppy And When To Expect It



35 Contact: Warren Stice 913-205-2269 |



You raise healthy puppies, we find them happy homes.

(844) 566-2886

You raise healthy puppies, we find themhappy homes. (844) 566-2886




Missouri Pet Breeders Association

MPBA Elite Breeders Program Questions? Contact Sue Swanigan Phone: (417) 399-9047 Or Email

To become a part of the Elite Breeders Program, you will need to print and fill out the following form. Please mail your completed form to: MPBA Office, 313 W. Commercial, Lebanon, MO 65536 The 10 Paw Steps to the Top. . . MPBA Elite Kennel Program Paw #1 ~ Be a MPBA Member of good standing.

Paw #2 ~ Be a Chapter Member and attend at least 6 meetings a year. Paw #3 ~ Hold a State License and perform Annual Kennel Inspections Paw #4 ~ Hold a USDA License and perform Annual Kennel Inspections Paw #5 ~ Perform a hands on health check for each dog in your Kennel Annually by your Kennel Veterinarian Paw #6 ~ Have in place an exercise and socialization program approved by a Licensed Veterinarian. Paw #7 ~ Have the proper equipment to micro-chip each puppy for the safety and security of owner and puppy. Paw #8 ~ Use the MPBA’s Vaccine Protocol / unless your client asks you to use theirs.

Recommended Breeder Vaccination Schedule

3 Weeks

5 Weeks

7 Weeks 5-Way* &

8 Weeks

Puppy move to new home

Parvo or 5-Way*

Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough

Recommended Dog Owner Vaccination Schedule

9 Weeks 5-Way*

12 Weeks

16 Weeks 5-Way* +

12 Months 5-Way* +

Annual Booster

5-Way* + 4-Way lepto 4-Way lepto 4-Way lepto & Kennel Cough 4-Way lepto & Kennel Cough 5-Way* +

* The 5-Way vaccine protects against the core diseases that every dog is at risk for. Based on the environment where the dog lives, it may be necessary to vaccinate for other diseases as Coronavirus, Borellia (lyme disease) or the 4-Way Lepto. Vaccines play a key role in keeping puppies healthy. When vaccines are given properly, following an appropriate vaccination schedule, they aid in protecting puppies from infectious diseases. The MPBA is one of the first state breeding associations to take the lead and encourage a standard breeder and dog owner vaccination protocol making Missouri on the cutting-edge of disease protection for dogs. Paw #9 ~ Obtain at least 24 CEU’s (Continued Education Units) per year. Note: If you are unsure where to obtain these CEU’s please contact a Chapter Board Member or an Elected Officer of the MPBA to find out what and where the CEU’s may be obtained. E-Mails for MPBA Officers are in the MPBA Magazine or find them online at Paw #10 ~ Volunteer at least 24 hours of your time for the Pet Industry per year. (MPBA Events and or other dog related events.) Each member pledges to the best of their ability, that all animals in their care will receive the best care of and follow their Kennel Veterinarian’s instructions for the best Health and Welfare of their animals. 41

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