In addition to the breweries, they’re available online or a number of retailers in St. Charles County. It’s a family affair for Kim and

like knowing that the bones are homemade and only have four ingredients and not made in some far away factory. There’s a lot of care and love that goes into making them,” Charles says. “And they’re from your local brewery. People around here are very locally proud.”

Charles. The duo along with children and parents make up the entire operation, from picking up the grains to baking the treats to packaging the final product. Their 12-year-old chihuahua, Diego, serves as The Crafted Bone’s chief quality control officer. Their simple, natural recipe along with a local focus is what Charles and Kim were hoping for with The Crafted Bone. “People

For more on The Crafted Bone and a list of where their products are available, visit www. or call 636-345-4473.

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