Appreciation From a Veteran Words cannot express our appreciation & gratitude to Beverly & Sue with Woof for Vets. My husband, a veteran, has needed a companion dog to help with his PTSD and anxiety issues. He was overseas during his tour of duty and along with the devastation he had to work through in humanitarian aid during Hurricane Frederick in Alabama, to his having to watch his best friend/soldier killed from an accident and having to collect his remains and bring him back to the states to his family. He was immediately comfortable with our new "puppy", Pepper. Beverly and Sue went out of their way to match a dog through Woof for Vets to bond with my husband and he will begin training in April. The family is bonding well with Pepper. Any veteran that has sacrificed his life for our country is blessed and honored for his service by this organization providing free dogs to each veteran. Also, the groomers, veterinarians, trainers & all involved with this organization are true heroes for honoring our veterans. Thank you for all that you have done & will continue to do. To see a need and step up and do all you can to meet that need to help deserves our sincere thanks. Blessings, Will and Pam, Staff Sgt, Army, Retired


Pamela Dean

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