Dreams Do Come True Woof for Vets | 2020 MPBA Expo

Woof for Vets has been a great success at the MPBA Expo. We are truly thankful to everyone who volunteered their time and your strong commitment to help keep MPBA and our organization going strong, and it’s really inspiring to see. A heart felt thank you goes out to dog breeders, friends and locals for making our radio drive for veterans a huge suc- cess during the past 2 months. Saturday, March 14th, a total of 101 radios were transported by Keith Stoltenow, Woof for Vets Kansas to be delivered to veterans at the Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Center, Leavenworth, KS a long term care facility for those who are battling PTSD. Additionally we collected $405.00 to buy 19 more radios which will complete the amount needed. We are planning to use the donations to purchase 20 more radios to be delivered to the Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks, Fayetteville, AR long term care facility for PTSD. KJEL 103.7 live radio reporters stopped at our booth and interviewed Sue regarding what Woof for Vets does and the Veterans’ Radio Drive. Much to Sue’s surprise a wonderful lady heard her speaking and she stopped what she was doing to purchase and deliver three new radios to the front desk. We certainly appreciate and send out a big thank you to the mystery lady and each and every one of you who took your time, money, and displayed kindness and concern for America’s Hero’s. Pamela, Professional Dog Trainer and Pack Leader and her German Shepherd, April, a proven service dog in obedience, therapy, and advanced training visited our booth. Pamela and April demonstrated basic and advance skills to the public and enjoyed visiting and talking about dogs, education, and training. She encourages positive reinforcement training, reward- ing appropriate behaviors, and providing solutions for all breeds and ages. Ozark Lowes provides the right atmosphere, noises, space, distractions, children and other ongoing activities to make it an excellent location to hold veteran canine training classes. You can find Pamela at Ozark Lowes on Saturday mornings with her beautiful April, who helps her doggie friends learn more quickly. Canine classes are free for our veterans and Pa- mela offers one-on-one training at a reasonable cost. We extend our gratitude to Ozark Lowes for supporting Pamela and our veterans by allowing them to hold classes during their business hours for more than 3 ½ years. Ozark Lowes, you are dog-gone the best! We could not do this without you.

During our high noon presentation, Sue presented a thank you plaque to a very surprised and appreciative Marci Sale, Eastern Area Manager - Breeder Enthusiast Group at Nestle Purina/Pro Plan. Marci has been instrumental in providing 23 pallets of dog feed and a pallet of doggie treats for veterans. The best part was when Sue presented her with thank you cards and notes from vet- erans regarding their appreciation for the food and feedback on how much their dogs liked the new Pro Plan food. Marci was so emotionally touched that she asked to wait to open her mail. A sincere thank you to MPBA members Kathleen and Emmett, and American Legion Riders Post 639, veterans Vonnie, Frank, Trey, and Sam for helping to distribute the pallets of dog food to veter- ans in the Houston and Springfield areas. Smile! Great job, Kath- leen, capturing all of us on camera. One of our best moments was when the veterans met their puppies. Sue opened the presentation while Beverly, pups, breed- ers, veterans, and convoy hid out so the two veterans could not see their dogs. When the time came, our convoy made their way to the staging area. Vonnie handed Robert, Iraqi veteran, a beauti- ful, adorable Boston Terrier, a gift from Jenny. Robert is still smiling and happy, happy about his puppy. Georgia (breeder) presented Clint, Iraqi veteran, with a gorgeous, sweet, black-coated German Shepherd puppy. He is a happy camper and Clint says “they are joined at the hip”. We extend our congratulations to the veterans and their fur babies, and a special, warm thank you to devoted breeders who make veteran dreams come true. Purebred Dog Breeders say it best by giving the Gift of Life 31

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