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produce 24,000 pieces per hour. EDF has installed seven machines in Europe but American Box was the first instal- lation in the United States. Hayden praises the machine’s set up while run and order recall capabilities. “We put it in to handle some of the capacity that we saw during the pandemic and it’s paid off extremely well in that regard,” says Hayden, who ordered the machine just af-

with Barberan when the opportunity with American Box presented itself. “We came into the ownership of a very well-run company with a great team of employees,” says Bradley. “Our business really took off when people started having everything delivered to their doorstep. And busi- ness only appears to be getting better.” Darth Vader “Like many other independent box makers, we’ve en- joyed tremendous growth and we’re very fortunate that business is good,” adds Hayden, who took over day-to-day operations of American Box 10 years ago. He relied on the instincts sharpened from decades of corrugated industry experience to invest in a game-changing piece of equip- ment in early 2020, just prior to the onset of Covid-19. “Everyone thought I was losing my mind when I made my ‘pandemic purchase,’” he says of Haire Group’s newest line, the FD 618, a 4-color, 24-inch by 70-inch high-speed mini flexo folder gluer. “Our mini was running at capacity when Haire came out with this newest machine and we saw an opportunity to grow our line. The machine was a perfect fit. We call it the Darth Vader.” Like the fictional protagonist of the Star Wars trilogy, the new machine is as intimdating as it is powerful and is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Manufactured in Italy by EDF Europe, the European division of Dongfang Preci- sion Group, the machine boasts a die cut section and can

ter the lockdown began. Haire Group technicians installed “Darth Vader” in October of 2020 and it was up and run- ning in two weeks. An EAM Mosca Unitizer provides front and back end support, respectively. Although it did alter some start times, stop times and American Box’s ‘Darth Vader,’ EDF Europe’s 4-color flexo folder gluer from Haire Group, can produce 24,000 pieces per hour.


Do you need printed sheets? We have your answer.. Introducing Heartland’s ColorCorr. This is “flexo-printing in the round”. On our corrugator we can print up to 109” wide. The advantage is that we can print the equivalent of ½ roll at a time and not be required to keep several rolls of very expensive preprinted paper on the floor. Much less waste and risk. In continual print mode, we use either laser-engraved rubber rolls or solid rubber rolls to print a “flood coat” or a repeating pattern. If we are printing a repeating pattern, we can run a two-color design on the paper. Customers have found that running sheets we print can allow them to run a lighter-grade due to reduced caliper loss, and in some cases eliminate one or more machine passes.

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March 28, 2022

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