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What Fuels Dr. Meg Ling’s Drive for Treating Complex Conditions?

I’ve always said that my pediatric and geriatric patients are some of my favorites. Don’t get me wrong, I love treating patients of all

As a parent, I know how concerning it can be when your child has abnormal symptoms or is in need of a procedure. I put myself in every parent’s shoes when I provide care for their child. Do not be afraid to ask how often your dentist has performed procedures like crowns, bridges, and root canals. You deserve to know what is being done on your child and the expertise your family’s medical team has.

ages, but I enjoy the added challenge of helping patients whose mouths are still growing or whose teeth show the signs of a life well lived. As a people-person, I often find these patients are always willing to tell me a good story! The things I hear are simply amazing.

Personally, about 30%–40% of the work I do involves complex procedures and treatment. Throughout my personal experience and education, I have many years of clinical training that has equipped me with versatile techniques for my patients. (By the way, I have always been passionate about education. I have even repeated half of the additional courses I took after dental school, just so I could learn more! I loved doing it that much.) I’m committed to my education and training, rather than just settling into a generic dentistry path. Some dentists thrive on this track, but I want to offer a variety of treatment options for my patients and their families. With my passion for others, learning all I could about helping patients with complex situations thrive is the most powerful way I can make an impact.

I once treated a little girl who was maybe 7 or 8 years old. Her mother was concerned about her child’s very severe fear of needles and pain, warning me that there was no way her daughter would let me give her an injection. Determined, I said we should still try. We were able to use behavioral response techniques to distract the little girl from what we were doing and get the job done quickly. I’m proud to say the little one didn’t make a peep! Looking back on stories like this make me feel so lucky to do what I do every day. Many parents believe they must take their children to a specialist when they are presented with unique symptoms, crippling fears, or a diagnosis concerning the mouth. There are a number of cases that require a specialist’s attention, but I would encourage

“With my passion for others, learning all I could about helping patients with complex situations thrive is the most powerful way I can make an impact.”

families to first have that discussion with their dentist. As a general family dentist, I have the tools to diagnose and treat complex conditions, often without clients having to pay large amounts. This could streamline your child’s care through your family’s friendly dentist!

As an added bonus, I get to hear some of the best stories from grandparents and children who settle into my dental chair. It’s that and seeing their healthy, confident smiles that make this job and all the training I do worth it.

—Dr. Meg Ling



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