Phyllis Law - November 2019

Your Vote Matters, and, Someday, Your Kid’sWill Too!

Teach a Lesson About Voting This Election Day!

The Gobble Jog There’s no reason why children can’t be involved in local elections. Let your kids tag along to the voting area, and ask for help from city workers and local representatives to answer your kids’ questions. You can even set up your own family election by holding a vote over what to have for dinner or where the next family vacation should be located. If you’re looking for bedtime books to feed their curiosity, try out fun reads like “O, Say Can You See? America’s Symbols, The 2020 presidential election is heating up, but Election Day 2019 still requires citizens’ voices to decide the fate of their cities, counties, states, and judgeships. As the U.S. enjoys a relatively quiet election day on Tuesday, Nov. 5, use the opportunity to teach your children about their civic duty and the power of voting. For the Young Kiddos

Landmarks, and InspiringWords” by Sheila Keenan. Various websites, like KidsVotingUSA. org, also have ample resources for educators and families.

For NewVoters

sample ballots. And, of course, when Election Day rolls around, celebrate their first vote!

T he Gobble Jog is a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tradition in Every year, thousands converge on the Marietta Square for the annual run including a 1K, 5K, 10K, and a Tot Trot. This year will be the 17th year of this great tradition. MUST Ministries is a nonprofit organization providing food, clothing, shelter, job training, and more to our fellow citizens in need in Cobb County and Cherokee County. This wonderful organization has been serving our citizens for 48 years. MUST Ministries serves about 33,000 people annually, mostly women and children. and restrictions can be confusing. Start by walking your teen through the registration process, which can be done in person at your municipality's office or online at or Vote. org. Next, talk with your teen about what’s at stake in the upcoming election. Be careful not to seed your language with opinions so your teen can develop their own view. Direct them to resources like, where they can find information, practice voting, and see local Marietta, benefiting MUST Ministries. Turning 18 comes with the newfound responsibility of voting for our country’s leaders, and, for new voters, the system, ballots,

Don’t Forget About You!

This one of my favorite charities. Many of my clients are required to complete community service, and I always recommend MUST Ministries first. We are in the business of helping people in crisis at That is why we are a proud supporter of organizations that help people who need it the most. Our clients often end up healing themselves through service to others. I am not a runner, but I always enjoy the experience. Watching all the families attend this event and seeing all the creative Thanksgiving costumes is a wonderful way to start Thanksgiving Day. Hope to see you all there on Nov. 28 in the Marietta Square! Voting is a right and privilege that comes with U.S. citizenship. Don’t miss your opportunity to have your voice heard. Learn more about your local election by visiting Ballotpedia. org or contacting your municipality, and be sure to register to vote if you haven’t already. Remember, your kids learn by watching what you do, not just by listening to what you say. Inspire them to get involved and, when the time comes, exercise their right to vote!

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