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COVID FROM HOME According to the most current data, what are the most effective ways to treat COVID symptoms from home? As far as treatment, is there anything specific that should be avoided? “Again, what we say today might change tomorrow, but currently we feel that Acetaminophen, which is Tylenol, and Motrin or Advil, are still appropriate to treat for fever and body aches. Over-the-counter cough suppressants are still fine to use. Again, make sure that you are resting, drinking plenty of fluids, mainly water, and also eating an appropriate diet; these are all important.” “That’s a good question. What we do know is that the virus kind of tends to affect some of the dependent parts in our lungs. So, they’re talking about putting some of the patients on ventilators in a prone position so that areas that are usually gravity dependent are not just getting attacked by the virus. The same thing might hold true for you at home. Potentially sitting up in a chair could have a positive effect, so that we’re ventilating all portions of our lungs and the parts that are gravity dependent aren’t being continuously attacked by COVID.” There is a rumor that sleeping in a more upright position could help. Is there any truth to that? When is it necessary to go to the hospital? “When our symptoms are not improving if we are taking over- the-counter medications and especially when we are experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty breathing with chest pain. Those are some of the hallmarks, when you add fever, sore throat, body aches, headaches, lack of taste or smell, with COVID type symptoms, that’s when we need to go to the hospital, clinic, or the ER to get evaluated.” COVID-19’S EFFECT ON MINORS/ “We are very fortunate that COVID has not created the need for hospitalization for most minors. They still get ill with it, but we see their symptoms are a lot less and their illnesses are not nearly as severe. Remember though, they are still out and about in public so they could still be carrying the virus and many of them are probably without symptoms or what we call asymptomatic. So, that’s the importance of us wearing masks, and them wearing masks, because they can spread it very easily.” THE START OF SCHOOL How is COVID affecting minors?

Updated 7/20/20 at 3:06 p.m.

Bowie County COVID-19 Status Total Positive Cases in Bowie County 493 Bowie County Patients Hospitalized 19 Bowie County Active Cases 238 Bowie County Patients Recovered 225 COVID-19 Deaths in Bowie County 30 Non-resident Patients Hospitalized 27 Total Hospitalizations 46 Bowie County Positive COVID-19 Demographics Males 220 Females 273 0-18 41 19-29 80 30-39 79 40-49 82 50-59 63 60-69 64 70-79 58 80+ 22 The Bowie County/Texarkana, Texas Joint Operations Center is still conducting contact tracing on positive cases, so if you test positive for COVID-19, or are a healthcare provider that conducts COVID testing, please notify the Local Health Authority at (903) 255-5560.

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In light of that, what would your advice be to parents of school-age kids for this upcoming school year? In your opinion, will kids be safe in classrooms?

congenital heart disease. That particular pediatric population and those with other medical problems, might need to use a virtual type of learning. Most others in the pediatric population should be safe in their environment as long as they are wearing masks and following other CDC guidelines.”

“We would recommend for those who don’t have any contraindications to wearing masks, to wear them and follow the other CDC guidelines. Some pediatric patients may have lung disease such as asthma or


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