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Keep Calm and Manage St ress

This is a stressful time. Take care of yourself, so you can support your children.

You are not alone

Listen to your kids

Millions of people have the same fears as us. Find someone who you can talk to about how you are feeling. Listen to them. Avoid social media that makes you feel panicked.

Be open and listen to your children. Your children will look to you for support and reassurance. Listen to your children when they share how they are feeling. Accept how they feel and give them comfort.

Take a break

We all need a break sometimes. When your children are asleep, do something fun or relaxing for yourself. Make a list of healthy activities that YOU like to do. You deserve it!

Take a Pause

Step 1: Set up • Find a comfortable sitting position, your feet flat on the floor, your hands resting in your lap. • Close your eyes if you feel comfortable. Step 2: Think, feel, body • Ask yourself, “What am I thinking now?” • Notice your thoughts. Notice if they are negative or positive. • Notice how you feel emotionally. Notice if your feelings are happy or not. • Notice how your body feels. Notice anything that hurts or is tense.

Step 3: Focus on your breath • Listen to your breath as it goes in and out. • You can put a hand on your stomach and feel it rise and fall with each breath. • You may want to say to yourself “It’s okay. Whatever it is, I am okay.” • Then just listen to your breath for a while.

1-minute relaxation activity that you can do whenever you

Step 4: Coming back • Notice how your whole body feels. • Listen to the sounds in the room. Step 5: Reflecting • Think ‘do I feel different at all?’. • When you are ready, open your eyes.

are feeling stressed or worried

Taking a Pause can also be helpful when you find your child is irritating you or has done something wrong. It gives you a chance to be calmer. Even a few deep breaths or connecting with the feeling of the floor beneath can make a difference. You can also Take a Pause with your children!

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