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OFFICES IN NORTHWEST INDIANA AND SOUTH BEND Following the Family Tradition Why I’ve Loved Working With Kelly Law for Over 22 Years


everything fromproperty damage tomedical claims to auto insurance. The whole ordeal can be incredibly overwhelming for our clients. It’s my job to demystify the process so they can stop worrying and instead focus on getting better. As one of the main contacts a client works with throughout the case, it’s a task I never take lightly.

nmy family, working with the law is practically a family tradition. Back in the day, my grandfather was an attorney with Beckman Kelly & Smith, along withmy uncle, Tim, who, not coincidentally, owns this practice. Not only that, but my dad was equipped with a juris doctorate from law school, though he never practiced. So, whenmy uncle hiredme for what was supposed to be a single summer doing paralegal work, I took to it immediately. After all, it was inmy blood. That was over 22 years ago, and I’ve happily stayed on with the firm as a paralegal ever since. I think everyone will say this around here, but the best part about working at Kelly Law is the wonderful clients I get to work with every day. When somebody comes into our office with a catastrophic injury, looking for a way to get their mountingmedical bills paid, their situation is almost always dire, and understandably so. In addition to their efforts to just keep the lights on and recover from their injuries, they’re now facing the prospect of a complicated,

“The whole ordeal can be incredibly

overwhelming for our clients. It’s my job to demystify the process.”

1 When I’mnot at the office helping clients, I can usually be found reading. Without cable TV to occupy my time, I read about three to four novels a week, really digging into whatever I find interesting. This opportunity to truly make a difference in my clients’lives is one of the main reasons I love my job. It’s a deeply challenging field, but it’s equally rewarding. Not only that, but it’s impossible to get bored. Every client is as varied as their circumstances that are burdening them, and there are a million different ways to help each and every one. And then there are the people I work alongside at the practice, who, throughout my 22 years here, have become like a second family—aside fromTimof course, who already was a part of my actual family. I’d particularly like to shout out the other principal paralegal, Lynn (who you heard from last month). She’s been here even longer than I have. We’re constantly working together to find the best solutions to our client’s struggles, bouncing ideas back and forth and using our combined decades of experience. Not tomention our stellar attorneys, who are the best set of trial lawyers in the business.

drawn out legal process. I welcome the opportunity to guide them through every step of the battle from start to finish, helping with

Family is also important tome. This month, I’mheading over tomy uncle Tim’s for Thanksgiving along with several family members to reconnect and chow down on the traditional feast.

Thanksgiving has me thinking about all that I’mgrateful for, includingmy parents, my health, and, of course, the opportunity to work at Kelly Law for all these years. I can’t imagine being anywhere else but here, with the excellent team andmy wonderful clients.

–Kerry Kelly



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