King's Business - 1928-04

T h e K i n g ’ s B u s i n e s s


April 1928

“ If only the good were the clever, Or if only the clever were good, The world would be better than ever We thought that it possibly could. But alas, it is seldom or never That either behave as they should, For the good are so hard on the clever, And the clever so rude to the good.” —Public Opinion. * * * A newspaper editor suggests that many women are bosses in their homes—until children arrive to take over the manage­ ment. * * * Mr. Spurgeon once said: “I wish some­ one would invent Sunday mackintoshes.” * * * “ If bees could only know that it would kill them to sting people,” says one editor, “ the stinging business would stop in short order in self-defense.” ♦ * * Someone told Bishop Bashford, “You will bury yourself in China.” He re­ plied, “ But I believe in the resurrection.” ♦ * * , A child asked his mother: “What part o f heaven do people go to who are good but not agreeable?” That leads us to wonder if the Fundamentalists will have to be fenced off from the Essentialists. * * * A Papal Syllabus, issued in 1887, de­ clares that “the theory o f Darwin is con­ tradicted by history, by the traditions of all people, by science, by observed facts and by reason. It is, in fact, not worthy of refutation.” Give the Pope credit for saying something worth while. * * * One o f our exchanges says that: “ In missionary interest, some give themselves to foreign missions, some to home mis­ sions, and a good many to omissions.” * * * The British and Foreign Bible Society has erected a new and costly Bible House in the city o f Jerusalem in the business section near the Jaffa gate. * * * Judge Ben Lindsey, o f Denver, wrote to the somewhat notorious Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Roselle, high-school children, who, with the consent o f their parents, have commenced a “companionate marriage.” He said, “You are the Lindberghs in oceans of superstition that call for cour­ age to cross. Order your lives by your individual wishes, and not by the age-old greed, tyranny, and ignorance.” Wonder if the Judge tells those brought before him to order their lives by .their indi­ vidual wishes!

Bishop Rondthales, o f thé Moravian Church in the South, said a wise thing when he suggested that ministers cease making a jpke out o f a marriage occa­ sion. “ Too many take it now as on ly a social contract, when it should be held as God’s institution. Although it may mean the loss o f a few dollars for our wife’s housekeeping account, we should be careful to marry only those whom we ought to marry.” * * ♦ The editor of Moody Monthly declares that the churches are practically con­ trolled today by the Modernists and Dr. Albert C. Dieffenbach, editor of the Uni­ tarian paper, The Christian Register, la­ ments the fact that the Fundamentalists have won complete control o f the churches and that thè Modernists have retired. Evidently an umpire is needed. If the Fundamentalists are a group o f ignoramuses, as often has been charged, it is comforting to have the arch-foe of Fundamentalism concede that in this bat­ tle o f wits, the Modernists are retiring from the field. ♦ * * Professor George M. Price hits the nail on the head when he says : “ There never would have been any theory o f or­ ganic evolution, if a false evolutionary interpretation o f the fossils had not long preceded and prepared the world for the reception of the idea.” This evolutionary geology was founded on an ignorance of the geology of the rest o f the world out­ side o f England and the western part of Europe. Modern discoveries in other parts o f the world have completely an­ swered the childish theories of the earlier geologists. * * * Walter S. Athearn, o f Boston Uni­ versity, says that there are 48,700,000 chil­ dren and young people in this country, and that 7Ó per cent o f them are not en­ rolled in any school where they receive religious instruction. There are 1,600,000 Jewish children and young people. O f

these 95 per cent are not receiving re­ ligious instruction in any school. There are 43,000,000 children and young people belonging to Protestant families, o f which 66 per cent are not enrolled in any re­ ligious school. That means that there are in this country 36,000,000 Protestant young people who are receiving no syste­ matic religious instruction. * * * The famous oak tree under which John Wesley preached during the early days of his crusade, out o f which Methodism grew, has been blown down. Commenting on this fact, The Southern Methodist has this to say: “W e regret to know that this historic tree has fallen; but that is a trifling thing in comparison with the fact that the tree of noble Wesleyan doctrines —the teaching with which he set the Brit­ ish Isles aflame—has, according to re­ port, been laid low in England by the winds of rationalism.” * * * Interplanetary navigation, with the moon a mere three and a half hours’ com­ muting distance from the earth, has been heralded as not far distant by an imposing group o f French astronomers, physicists and aviation experts. It is only upon the development of a newly discovered force, “intra-atomic energy,” that mankind waits to cruise the entire solar system, the sci­ entists hold. Some o f us are fully ex­ pecting to take a cruise in the vast inter­ stellar spaces one o f these days. W e are looking for the “Uppertaker” (Tit. 2:13). * * * High-powered salesmanship, employing all kinds o f psychological tricks, is a mod­ ern product. With some business con­ cerns anything is considered legitimate that produces results. However, some of the wiser heads are beginning to discover that it is poor policy to sell people what they do not want. An article in Harper’s Magazine, tells o f powerful banking in­ stitutions in New York which now refuse loans to concerns making use o f high- powered methods o f salesmanship, re­ gardless of their financial rating. Time has proved that corporations eventually have to pay dearly for high-pressure methods. Careful bankers are not taking chances as heretofore on concerns which decree each year a certain volume o f sales far in advance o f the previous year and compel dealers to dispose of excess pro­ ducts by making public nuisances o f their agents. The psychology that is taught to many salesman today is sheer crooked­ ness, and no business can hope to build a solid foundation o f such material. * * * It pays to kick—sometimes! Our friend, Professor Roland C. Ross, who writes na­ ture study articles for this magazine, re­ cently protested to the editors o f Nature Magazine against their advertising of cigarettes and tobacco. He received a

T h e G o ld en K e y

Do you wish the world were happy? Then remember day by day Just to scatter seeds o f kindness A s you pass along the way, For the pleasures of the many May be ofttimes traced to one, As the hand that plants an acorn Shelters armies from the sun.

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