King's Business - 1928-04

T h e K i n g ’ s B u s i n e s s


April 1928

reply saying that after considering his let­ ter, the Editorial Board had decided to accept no more such advertising. ♦ * ' * A reader at Salem, Oregon, writes us one of those appreciative letters that make us feel good. “ I am so glad,” she says, “that I ever found out about T he K ing ’ s B usiness . It is such a satisfying portion to my soul, a real feast in every issue. I mark many things as I read it.” ♦ ♦ * From Canhotinho, Brazil, comes this fine expression: “I want to congratulate you on your campaign for the purity of the Gospel as our Lord and the apostles taught it, and for .your efforts to show the danger o f spoiling the cause of Fun­ damentalism. T he K ing ’ s B usiness has certainly been a great inspiration to us in our work here.” * * * We know a live-wire preacher at Ha­ worth, Oklahoma, pastor of the M. E. Church, South. He writes to say: “ I look upon T he K ing ’ s B usiness as the greatest Christian publication of the age. Under its present management the great fundamental truths are being presented in-a constructive way which surely adds greatly to the influence o f the Bible In­ stitute among all Christian organizations.” * * * A Rhode Island reader says o f our January number : “ I want to commend you especially on your splendid, helpful thoughts in the January issue. The reading o f it has brought me into an experience. God’s voice spoke through you. I am sure this issue has brought many eternal help. I esteem T he K ing ’ s B usiness very help­ ful literature. It should mean much to one’s spiritual growth.” A California reader says: “ The magazine gets better and better, if that is possible. To my mind, it is in­ dispensable' to a believer who wants the deeper teachings.”

The Easter Victory One o f the traditions of the cathedral o f Winchester, in England, is the story o f how the news o f the battle of Waterloo was first received. It Came by sailing ship to the south coast of England, and by signal flags was wig-wagged to London. When the message reached Winchester, the signals on the top o f the cathedral be­ gan to spell the message, “W-e-l-l-i-n-g- t-o-n d-e-f-e-a-t-e-d,” and then fog de­ scended and hid the signals from view. The sad news o f the incomplete message went to London. When the message was read, “Wellington defeated,” the whole country was in despair. But after a while the fog lifted, and the signals on the Win­ chester cathedral were still at work spell­ ing out the complete sentence, “Welling­ ton defeated the enemy.” The thrilling news raced across the land, and lifted all hearts out o f gloom into joy. So the heavy gloom o f Calvary fled before the victory o f Easter. Out of all dark shadows o f the tomb, our hearts leap up at the news of victory. The resur­ rection puts the seal o f reality on the great central truth o f Jesus—that we are children o f God, with a personal, eternal value for Him which shall never be lost. The Outstretched Arms During the excavations o f Pompeii, a little child was discovered sitting on the ground holding out its arms. When the workmen saw it they said: “ There must be some one to whom it is appealing,” and digging on in the direction to which the little arms pointed, they came upon the mother with her arms stretched forth to the child. “ I have stretched out My hands” (Prov. 1:24).

T h e y S a y . . .

Harry Carr in Los Angeles Times: “ The truth is, the world today is suffering from intellectual indigestion.” * * * Christian Nation : “ There are manifold circum­ stances in which to sing the praises of tolerance is to prove one’s self a fool.’®?': * * * Dr. W . E. Orchard : “The religious spirit is not enough. We must have some definite form o f belief.” * * * Church Management : “A great thing has happened in the religious book publish­ ing business. A volume has come from the press which has no introduction written by S. Parkes Cadman.” * * * “If we adults are a sample of what : spanking will do in forming character, perhaps it is just as well that parents no longer do it.” ‘ * * * Thomas A. Edison: “W e do not know a millionth of one per cent about any­ thing.” ; ♦ * ♦ Watchman Examiner: “We may lament the fact that the age is materialistic. Let us not! The church should win its mightiest triumphs in such a time as this. This is a material age, but it has a soul that is not satisfied.” * * * Sir Philip Gibbs: “Why is there so much unrest in the world today? Science, as it is misunderstood by thQ people, has tended to destroy belief in a future life, and has : caused a .weakening of faith in. God. Man, from the be­ ginning of time, reconciled . himself to many temporal dis­ appointments and sufferings by faith in a future life, when he should get reward for good service, self-sacrifice, and obe­ dience to the code of virtue in his religion. There is no longer that reconciliation be­ tween suffering here and hap­ piness hereafter. Not believ­ ing in the hereafter, men and women o f all classes and races are desperate for immediate satisfaction o f their hopes and needs.” Springfield (III.) State Register:

The Resurrection B y W illiam O lney A s morning light, to wakeful sleepers, 'shows The night is gone, So Resurrection to believers proves — The cross has won! And as the growing light o f day reveals Material' things, So EASTER DAY to PENITENCE and FAITH Assurance brings. Redemption is complete ; Atonement made; For Christ is raised : Believers in Him now are justified, A nd G od be p r a is e d .

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