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T h e K i n g ’ s B u s i n e s s

April 1928

soul o f your enemy. Speaking of how Abraham Lincoln, by the use o f a story, met his enemies who persisted in arguing their point, Herrick Johnson well indicates: “ What Lincoln’s method was in a crude, crass, but often effective way, Christ’s method was in a finely fibered and flawless way. In conversation with a lawyer, Christ was asked this question: ‘Who is my neighbor.?’ Jesus did not pick him out. He told the parable of the Good Samar­ itan. He did not define the limits of neighborhood, but His story made each one of us kin to any one in need, and showed that the question savored of narrowness, and ought never be asked. Men have known ever since, that if they found anywhere, a man with the blood of the human race in his veins, and in need o f help, no matter o f what race or sect, or caste or color, they were to be a neighbor to him after the deed and spirit of the Samar­ itan.” W e will be wise in keeping close to our copy. His S uperb C ourage AS A SOUL W INNER JESUS CHR IST , IN THE PRESENCE OF SEEM INGLY INSURMOUNT ­ ABLE OBSTACLES , MAN IFESTED S U P E R B COURAGE . A study of the third and fourth chapters o f John’s Gospel substantiates this claim. Nicodemus, a man o f large interests and o f big influence, rich, and a ruler in the Synagogue, meets with Jesus in his room. Polite, courteous, cautious, Nicodemus greets the Master as “ a man sent from God.” Brushing aside the com­ plimentary address, Jesus feels for the soul o f His in­ quirer, and with a grip staggering and startling, replies, “ Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a man be born from Live Right Now You have a disagreeable duty to do at twelve o’ clock. Do not blacken nine, and ten, and eleven, and all between, with the color o f twelve. Do the work o f each, and reap your reward in peace. So when the dreaded moment in the future becomes the present, you shall meet it walking in the light, and that light will overcome its darkness. The best preparation is the present well seen to, the last duty done. For this will keep the eye so clear and the body so. full o f light that the right action will be perceived at once, the right words will rush from the heart to the lips, and the man, full o f the Spirit o f God because he cares fo r nothing but the will o f God, will trample on the evil thing in love, and be sent, it may be, in a chariot o f fire to the presence o f his Father, or stand unmoved amid the cruel mockings ; o f the men he loves. — G. MacDonald.

A L ife A bove R eproach AS A SOUL W INNER , JESUS CHR IST W AS ABOVE REPROACH IN HIS L IFE BEFORE MEN. Those who failed to agree with His claims upon their devotion and service, admitted the sincerity of His life. They confessed that they could find no fault in Him. His character was radiantly crystal. Holiness dwelt with Him. At once let us admit that no greater requisite is as essen­ tial as that taught here. There is nothing so attractive as personal purity. Men have a perfect right to expect of those who assume spiritual leadership, that they shall, “ know Him.” Soul winners must be expert in prayer, expert in the knowledge of the Scriptures, holy in conduct and speech. Perhaps the greatest reflection cast upon the holy task o f soul winning is the nauseating character of some men and women loudest in their claim o f and call for the passion for souls. How one, notorious for slander and backbiting o f his brethren, unscrupulous in money matters, who hesitates not to commercialize this holy occupation, unclean in speech and actually immoral in life, can even talk o f winning men to Christ, is the mystery of mysteries. W e have heard o f some who preached thé Evangel o f Jesus and who later admitted they were in abject ignorance o f the meaning of the new birth. But alas, today we have people boasting o f their knowledge o f born-again truth, and of “ the passion,” and actually engaged in the business of soul winning, whose fives are a positive disgrace to the holy cause of Jesus, who merit nothing less than a cell in some State’s prison. “ Every one who teaches truth is a lense through which truth reaches souls. How important that there be no false color in the medium, lest a wrong and false hue be given to the truth.” Certainly, if .there is one thing we who covet the holy passion will learn from a study o f the Master Soul Winner, it is this, more than all else— He was above reproach. Fitting are the words o f one who knew Him intimately and loved Him dearly: “ He committed no sin : He was reviled and made no retort ; he suffered and never threatened, but left every­ thing to Him who judges justly.” 1 Peter 2 :22, 23. There is nothing so attractive to men as personal holi­ ness. Like the sun, the holy lifje wins by shining. Only the Devil has use for a sham. Holy talk may repel, especially so if not backed by Christian character, but stammering speech, plus holy living, will attract. The soft pedal has been put upon the preaching o f holiness largely because o f the presence of contradictory elements in the fives o f professedly holy people, but the demand of God for holiness on the part o f His co-workers has never been abrogated. H e W as N ot A rgumentative JESUS CHR IST AS A SOUL W INNER PUT AS IDE TH E ARGUM ENTAT IVE FORM OF A T ­ TACK . The conversational form was the method He adopted. How suggestively rich are those “ talks” of Jesus; what lessons we learn from them—we, who on the least provocation are tempted to fly into a rage and lose ourselves. W e shall meet men who can batter down our arguments, resist our logic, and fling back challenging questions, but who may be won by quiet conversation, free o f argument and attack. I realize that to remain passive is oftentimes humiliating; you know you are entirely in the right; the attack is unjust; indignation burns in your soul; mind and lips are prepared to hurl back defiance; argument and reason and God are with you, and yet ! And yet ! Your refusal to contend and argue may purchase the

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