King's Business - 1928-04

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April 1928

man, outside o f Jesus Christ, has left so deep a mark upon the world o f thought. A Gospel that can make the “ lion lie down with the lamb,” has something besides human power behind it. No P ersonal A dvantage in S ight Was Saul- attracted by some thought o f personal ad­ vantage? Nay-L-he knew that as the persecutor o f Chris­ tians, he was at the very climax o f honor with his nation. Legend has it that because of his activities he was voted into the Sanhedrin. Then why cast his lot in with the despised Christians ? It could mean nothing but a course o f self-sacrifice, tireless labor and endless suffering. And when he is converted our Lord said, “I will show him how great things he must suffer fo r my name’s sake” (v. 16). This same Saul writes (Phil. 3 :7-10 ), " I long to share in his sufferings.” Tie had no thought o f a place in the hall o f fame, or o f any material advantage to be gained. Again we say-H-there is something here that MUST be accounted for. This greatest o f Christian teachers was made a Christian by a direct miracle o f grace. The fact cannot be got rid of. This man with his life aim reversed throws all his intensity into the service o f the Master. The sudden appearance o f Paine or Ingersoll in the pulpit couldn’t cause greater sensation. Account fo r it! Then ask—Is there any evidence that the same Gospel is still the instrument o f such miracles of grace ? Findlay says: “ The conversion of Paul is a psycholog­ ical and ethical problem that can’t be accounted for save by Paul’s own interpretation o f the change wrought in him. He was ‘apprehended o f Him.’ ” Need any Christian hesitate today to throw down the challenge o f Jesus, “ I f any man will do my will, he shall K N O W o f the doctrine, whether it he o f God or whether I speak o f myself” ? Lindbergh and Tobacco The tobacco men and their friends would like to link the name o f Lindbergh in some way with their business, to the advantage o f the business, but are having a hard time o f it. They thought they had it when a report was sent out that he smoked a cigarette at a reception in Cin­ cinnati, stating that he did so because he objected to “ being made a tin saint.” But the rejoicing was stopped when a few days later, at Indianapolis, Lindbergh himself denied the report. That reporters and writers in general know o f the injurious effects of tobacco, is shown in their writings when off guard. William Hillman, one of the leading special writers assigned to Lindbergh matters, said o f Lindbergh’s abstinence from smoking: “ Perhaps here we have the secret of Lindbergh’s great stamina and ability to go many hours without sleep. His STRENGTH has never been taxed by SMOK ING or drinking.” Dr, Woods Hutchinson, A.M., M.D., in a full-page article on Lindbergh, said o f h im : “ He does not cloud his exquisite balancing powers with smoke.” ;)) A tobacco organ says a pipe-manufacturing firm named a pipe “ The Spirit o f St. Louis,” and adopted this slogan in advertising the same: “ ‘Lindbergh’ is on every­ one’s tongue. Put a ‘Lindy’ pipe in everyone’s mouth.” The absurdity o f such a slogan, when no one could induce Lindbergh himself to “ put one in his mouth,” must be apparent to the most stupid salesman in the entire tobacco business.

:: Heart to Heart ::

An Incontrovertible Proof "Saul, breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples o f the Lord, went unto the high priest” (Acts 9:1). “ They led him by the hand and brought him unto Damascus” (v. 8 ). “Behold, he prayeth” (v. 11). AUL o f Tarsus, a man o f intense energy, his soul on fire to do one thing— to stamp out every last Christian, women included (v. 2 ). And Saul, the strong man who would sweep down on the Christians at Damascus like a tornado—himself led by the hand like a help­ less child, to the home of a humble Christian where he might learn more fully the way of salvation! Saul, breathing the breath o f rage, on his way to mur­ der Christians! Then Saul, breathing out prayer to the Lord Jesus and seeking to know how to serve him ! Saul, who sincerely thought he was serving God in persecuting Christians—who was acting up to all the light he had! Saul, the great moralist, scholar and religionist! (Phil. 3 :4 -6 ). Then Saul, humbly, honestly, on his knees seeking to get right views in place of the erroneous ones he had pre­ viously sincerely held! Saul, climbing down the ladder o f self-righteousness and religiousness to accept the fin­ ished work of Jesus on Calvary’s cross. How W ould Y ou A ccount F or I t ? Here is something that must be accounted for. Lord Lyttleton and Gilbert West realized the fact when, in their determination to overthrow belief in the Gospel, they agreed to write books ,to disprove two outstanding things o f the New Testament that present the knottiest problems to skeptics—-the resurrection o f Jesus and the coriversion o f Saul of Tarsus. Lyttleton agreed to write on Saul and West agreed to disprove the resurrection. They carefully studied the Scriptural accounts and went over all the early writings available. The result is well known. Lyttle­ ton wrote a book setting forth the evidence o f the divine power of the Gospel as revealed in the undoubted con­ version o f the bitterest enemy it ever had— Saul of Tar­ sus. West wrote to demonstrate that the resurrection of Christ was an unanswerable argument for the divine authority o f the Gospel. No one has been able to break down these two bar­ riers. Possibly no journey was ever taken on which so much interest has been concentrated as on that o f Saul on his way from Jerusalem to Damascus. On the road that day» the exalted Christ wrenched this polished scholar (v. 14) from the hands of the archenemy. One of the finest intellects the world has 'ever known suddenly changed hands. The chief enemy o f Christianity turned into the most enthusiastic servant o f the church. The Saul who would put the church out of existence becomes the Paul who said, “ Feed the church o f God.” No other

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