King's Business - 1928-04

T he VXI ahagihg E ditor desires a personal word with you! (J [ Next to acquiring dependable friends, the best acquisition is that o f reading matter o f the helpful and dependable kind. We have sought to make The King's Business a faithful mirror, reflecting to the minds o f its readers the best thoughts o f reliable spiritual leaders. We have sought to make it a lighthouse on the sea o f time to guide men through the reefs o f religious error and confusion in these trying days. We hon­ estly seek to be used o f God in this hour, and feel we are called to a distinctive testimony..that o f setting forth clearly and positively the vital truths found in the infallible Word. We desire to be luminous, not vo­ luminous. We seek to be fair as well as firm. We long to see men huilt up in our most holy Faith. |J If you feel the need o f such a printed friend...if you believe it meets a crying need o f our time...if you know others who need such spiritual helps, may we not count on you to pray for us, to speak the good word, to invest to some extent in placing this magazine where it will be most helpful...public libraries, reading rooms, offices, homes o f shut-ins and missionaries? Faithfully yours,

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