King's Business - 1928-04

April 1928

T h e K i n g ’ s B u s i n e s s


Bible. So I can not see where the society will get very far in such a campaign. The more the matter is discussed, the more the demand for Bibles will grow. W e have been in existence as a society for 118 years. That speaks for itself.” — o — The Herald Tribune has this biting criticism of the Anti-Bible Society: “ Here is prejudice carried to an ex­ tent which would amaze the most prejudiced religious fanatics who have figured in the history o f civilization. It is cheering to know that this intolerable intolerance is extremely limited, and that its' astonikhihg campaign appears to have little chance o f making any headway.” “ The Anti-Bible Society,” says the New York Sun, “ should compose a book exceeding the appeal o f the Bible ‘to human minds disciplined, undisciplined, cultivated, un­ cultivated, gentle, rough, gay, depressed, astute, simple,’ and distribute it as the Gideons distribute the volume of their choice. The rest may be left to the discrimination o f the guests.’||v| Religion and Reason B y W illiam O lney Religion stands to reason. ’ lArBenjamin Whichcote It stands to reason that things we see Have, in the beginning, created been: And that the glory o f Deity In His works, by the eye o f Faith, is seen. It stands to reason, that He who made The mind o f man, should not leave it dim ; And thus in the Scriptures are displayed God’s Sovereign Will and Love for him. It stands to reason that if Christ died, Making for sin a sacrifice; Within that death God did provide Ransom for souls, at costliest price. It stands to reason, if we find peace In the Lamb o f God, slain for our guilt; From all vain hope must the conscience cease, And trust alone in the blood once spilt. It stands to reason, if the New Birth Produces change in men’s hearts and lives; That blest result is of richer worth Than nature gives, howsoe’er it strives. And so faith needs not to stand alone,. But reason is at her side for aye: And in the light o f yon heavenly throne They shall walk together through endless day. 2 kv' M It Makes Better Men Thomas Jefferson is often claimed by modern atheists, yet Jefferson said: “ I always have said, and always will say, that the studious perusal o f the sacred volume will make better citizens, better fathers, and better husbands.” *

Gleanings on Christian Education F rom A nniversary C onference L ecture B y P rofessor J. H udson B allard Christian education cannot take the place o f conver­ sion by the power of the Holy Spirit. * * * Christian education is the horticulture of the soul. It has much to do with the development of Christian character. * * * One may be schooled in doctrine and not attain the supreme goal of Christian education. W e must have theology. W e must have the Scriptures. There is a close relation between beliefs and life. The supreme object is to produce Christlike character. 3|i * * The earliest ideas of God are more tenacious than any other ideas. If one in childhood receives false and inad­ equate ideas, he will, in later life, either change his views to conform to the world’s ideas, or will separate his thoughts o f God from all the rest o f his life, living a double life, or he will abandon the idea of God entirely. This is largely the fault of those who. give children inad­ equate and unscriptural ideas. Don’t give children ideas that will have to be destroyed. * * * Expression is impression, of learning. * * Experiencing is a process * Many a teacher tears down a fine piece of formal teaching by a deplorable piece o f living. You can’t con­ ceal from young people, conditions inside the life. In the little things in which he reveals his loyalty to the Lord, a teacher may get across what he cannot teach in a hectic half hour. * * In the classroom the students may not get what you say, but they’ll never fail to get you. No amount o f teach­ ing can overcome a false influence. : * * * Too much is being aimed at the head. You can fill the mind with a lot o f religious facts and overlook the fact that the heart must be dominated by Jesus Christ. In the long run, people do what they want to do, rather than what the mind suggests. * sfc * No one can hope to educate others in Christian things without the constant enlightenment and enduement of the Holy Spirit. A Magazine That Edifies I must tell you again how much we enjoy T he K ing ’ s B usiness . . It’s such a relief to have a paper that is true to the Word and yet not controversial to the point where it is always antagonistic. It is one magazine which we can pass on to the students with perfect assurance that they will be strengthened and helped by reading. — Mrs. J. Paul Snyder in Presby. Mission School in Canton, China.

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