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April 1928


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Bible Food for Preacher and Teacher

He filfeth thee with the finest of the wheat. Psalm 147:14

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t h i s paper 2 . —The Results o f the Resurrection. (a) The believer is risen with Him (Col. 2:12; Eph. 2:6 ). (b ) And begotten to a lively hope (1 Pet. 1 :3, 5). 3. — The Demands o f the Resurrection. (a ) A consecrated life (Rom. 6:14; 11:14). (b ) A Worthy walk (Col. 1:10, 11; 2: 6 , 7). —o— The Resurrection of Christ 1. Prophesied in the Old Testament : David—Ps. 16:8-10; Acts 2:25-31. 2. Foretold in New Testament: Christ—Matt. 16:21-23; 17:23; 20:17- 19; 26:1,'2, 32; Mark,8 :31-33; 9:31; 14:28; Luke 9:22; John 2:19-22; 12: 32-34. 3. Fulfilled in T im e : First'Day—Matt. 28:1-7; Mark 16:5-7; . Luke 24:4-8, 23; John 20:11-13. 4. Confirmed by Witnesses: Apostles—Acts 2:24, 32j 3:26; 4:33; 5 :30; 13:30, 37;. 25:19; Rom. 1:4; 8: 11; 1 Cor. 6:14; 2 Cor. 4:14; 13:4; Phil); 3:10; 2 Tim. 2:8. — o— : Witnesses to the Resurrection 1 . T h e Vacant Sepulcher—“ He. is not here.” , (a) He had been there. (b ) His clothes were still there. (c ) He is now gone. 2. The Verdict o f the Angel —“He is risen.” (a) He had knowledge. • (b) He was sent to tell. (c ) He declared facts. 3. The Verification of Christ’s Promise — “As He said.” (a) He had said He would rise. (b ) It was the day He predicted. (c ) Two witnesses confirmed it. 12. Jesus appears to her. Mark 16:9. John 20:14. 13. Mary Magdalene tells the disciples that Jesus had, appeared to her. Mark 16: 10; John 20:18. 14. Meanwhile the Saviour appears to the other women. Matt. 2 8 :9. 15. They now. come to the apostles and tell them about the empty tomb, cor­ roborating the account of Mary Magda­ lene, and also inform them about the ap­ pearance o f the Lord to them as they ■were returning from the sepulcher. Matt. 28:8, 9; Mark 16:7, 8; Luke 24:9, 10. —o—- The Risen Lord (Mark 16:6.) 1. —The Objects o f the Resurrection. (a) For our justification (Rom. 4:25). (b ) That we might be counted worthy of eternal life (John 10:10; 11:25, 26).

4. One of the angels (who is sitting on the right in the tomb, on the stone which he had rolled away from the door) speaks to the women. Matt. 28:5; Mark 16:6; Luke 24:5. 5. The women hurry away. Matt. 28:8 ; Mark 16:8; Luke 24:9. 6 . Mary Magdalene runs ahead. John 20 : 1 . 7. Mary Magdalene notifies Peter and John. John 20:2. 8 . Peter and John hurry to the sepul­ cher. Luke 24:12; John 20:4, 5, 6 . .9. Mary Magdalene returns to the tomb. 10. She stands weeping outside the tomb. John 20:11. 11. The angels appear to her and ad­ dress her. John 20:12.

S EARCH -L IGHTS FROM THE WORD By Dr. G. Campbell Morgan (Permission Fleming H. Revell Co.)

“ Make It as Sure as You Can” .-, Matt. 27:65.

J T is almost. impossible to read these words o f Pilate to the priests and Pharisees without detecting the tones of restless impatience, and o f a sarcasm which was born of some great uncertainty in his own heart. He had passed through strange experiences in dealing with Jesus. Under stress o f political expediency he had violated his own conscience, and had given Him over to death. But was He dead? Or if He was, what strange things might not be about to happen? “Yes,” said he, “take the guard, make the: sepulchre as su rSas ye can!” Perhaps Pilate really hoped that, if there were anything in the weirdly haunting fears that assaulted him, the guard might pre­ vent their fulfilment; so strangely do men attempt to deal with spiritual forces by material means. In many different ways that is what evil is always saying. The one fact which it is necessary for evil to prevent or deny is that o f the actual Resurrection. All theCclaims o f Chris­ tianity depend upon that. ' If Jesus of Nazareth lived and died, and His dust re­ mained in the Syrian tomb, then every­ thing breaks down. Then His teaching was untrue, His .avowed intention was frustrated. He was, at the best, a deluded man, and we are deceived if we trust Him as Saviour and follow Him as Lord. But mark the limitation of the words “as sure as ye can" and wait the issue. Man’s efforts to prove Him not risen are aS futile as those he employed to prevent Him rising. He left the tomb trium­ phantly, and He emerges in new power and glory from every attempt to declare Him dead. * ----------------------:------ ■-------------------------------

League o f the Golden Pen

W E wish every r e a d e r of K W / ////A

LAfcYj- would immediately initiate himself into !S iS the League o f the " ^ÈSiiuSlISiSi Golden Pen. There are no dues, officers, committees or meetings. The members simply agree to write at least one letter of helpfulness, carrying a definitely spiritual message, each month—twelve letters a year. They may be let­ ters o f encouragement or appre­ ciation, letters of- helpfulness to those sorely tried, or .comfort to the bereaved; or letters point­ ing the unsaved to Christ. Each letter will carry an appropriate tract, or at any rate some quo­ tation from the' Word o f God. Each letter will be mailed with a prayer that God will use it to His glory. Here is a much neg­ lected ministry . and one that many have found most respon­ sive. Far-reaching results may be revealed in eternity. Join the League now and start a record of the letters you write, making it a prayer list as well. “For there’s never a friend so far from you, That a message cannot reach ; , And there’s never a heart so full of woe, That a love word cannot teach. And there’s never a soul in this sad old world, Crushed under a weight of care, That cannot bend to a loving friend Who has paper, and ink,-J§ and prayer .” 1

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