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T h e K i n g ’ s B u s i n e s s

April 1928

to go, the words o f ‘the beloved disciple’ flashed through my mind, ‘Greater is He that is in you than he that is in them,’ and with a renewed assurance I turned to the visitor and said quietly, ‘W e were talking o f the things of the Lord when you came in, and with your permission we will continue.’ I sought to interest her, too, in the things o f the Lord, but soon sensed that she was too antagonistic and that I must ignore her in order to hold the attention of my first listener and win her. “ Both women heard the Gospel o f Jesus Christ, and my own testimony of His saving power and love, and at last the one knelt down with me before the Lord, con­ fessing her sins and accepting at His hand the gift o f sal­ vation unto eternal life. It required real conviction and courage for this woman to confess Christ thus before her worldly, skeptical friend, and it surprised me that she was able to do this, and showed me anew how great is the power and efficacy o f God’s Word. “ Before leaving this newly born child of God I in­ structed her somewhat in prayer and Bible study, gave her tracts on these subjects, and prayed with her again that the Holy Spirit might continue His work in her, teaching her to pray and to grow in the grace and knowl­ edge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” The above was the personal work experience of Miss Lillian I. Robinson. Winning Souls Out of False Cults One o f the greatest blessings that can come to a teacher o f adult classes is to see the life of the members of her class changed by the transforming power o f the Lord Jesus.1 Just such a blessing came to one of the adult workers recently. This member came to the class a very quiet, sad-faced woman. There were no words o f testimony on her lips and her voice was never heard in prayer. It was soon learned that this one was studying a false cult, and the teacher was warned by other members of the class that great care should be taken in dealing with this one because o f her great sensitiveness. So she was committed to the Lord with prayer that He would lead in all interviews with her. Soon after, the teacher was asked to visit her. This seemed an answer to prayer, and the teacher went happily to see her. Again the Lord, seemed to be leading, for the woman of her own accord told of her religious beliefs. O f course the teacher explained to her how the false cult she was holding to was contrary to the Word o f God. She received this information graciously and kindly; she had not realized before that her religious beliefs were contrary to the Word of God.- She did not take any defi­ nite stand, but the teacher came away feeling that the seed had been sown.and that the Lord would surely cause it to bear fruit. However, during the week the teacher chanced to meet a near neighbor. She had already heard o f the interview and had been told by the woman her­ self that she could no longer attend the class because she realized that her religious beliefs differed from those of the teacher and the other members o f the class. This news made the teacher feel that the interviews had after all been a failure, but as it was reviewed the Lord seemed to have led in all. Again earnest prayer was offered for this one, not only that she would make a decision based on the Word of God, but that she would continue to attend the class. The Lord again graciously answered prayer, and she came back to the class and has been a most faithful attendant ever

Barriers Broken Down Through Loving Service “ In their affliction, they will seek me earnestly,” says God through the Prophet Hosea. God is over-ruling much o f the suffering that has come upon His people through the rejection of their Messiah, by using it as a means of leading them to Himself. Such was the case with the little woman upon whom a worker of our Jewish department was asked to call a few months ago, by a friend who declared that the hus­ band had been out of work for some time, the little child had suddenly ,taken ill, and the family was in real need. The worker arrived at the home and found the mother and father pacing the floor, their faces a picture of despair. A neighbor stood near who said that but a few hours before all three of the children had been taken to the hospital with infantile paralysis. “ I have prayed for them,” she said, “ but you cannot talk to them about Jesus Christ as they are orthodox Jews.” Through the providence o f God it was the Christians in the neighborhood who ministered unto them, breaking down the prejudice and preparing the way for our workers. God saw fit to call home to Himself the favorite child, but' in -answer to prayer completely restored the other two. The worker kept in constant touch with the family, and a few weeks ago had the joy o f seeing this “ mother in Israel” turn to her Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ W ill you not pray for her, and for the many afflicted Hebrew people throughout the world who have not yet turned to God, that “ in their affliction” they will seek Him earnestly ? How God Works Through a Student While out on home visitation work during the Christ­ mas holidays, it was the joy of one of our young women students to be instrumental in leading a woman to the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ, to accept Him as her per­ sonal Saviour. It was a blessed experience, as through it all the student was conscious o f the direct guidance of the Holy Spirit. “ A t first” says the student, “ I was led to draw out the woman oh whom I was calling, that I might know her spe­ cific needs, and then I tried to show her how God had richly and graciously provided for her every need in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. At first this unsaved woman was not interested in my message, but I was convinced that the Lord had sent me to her, so I stayed on, giving her one verse of Scripture and its import at a time, allow­ ing her quietly to ponder it, while I silently prayed for guidance as to the next thing to say. The woman was very quiet and thoughtful, only occasionally asking a question, and before long it was wonderful to see how the Word o f God was taking hold and refreshing her soul. “ She had never before had the way of salvation brought home to her, and she was thirstily drinking it in and allowing it to do its work o f grace in her heart. I was reminded of how a stretch of parched dry ground will gradually absorb long-delayed rain until its very nature and aspect are changed. “ Jusf at this time, however, a very worldly woman with a strong, domineering personality, came to visit my listener. Both women immediately started to talk o f mu­ tual interests, and seemed to expect me to go. I realized that courtesy demanded my leaving, and felt sadly that the battle was lost, but before I could rise from my chair

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