King's Business - 1928-04


T he K i n g ’ s B u s i n e s s

April 1928

Year God has blessed his service and sent a revival. MR. LARUM expresses appre­ ciation o f what B. I. has meant to him. —o— MR. AND MRS. GEORGE JACK- SON (nee AGNES HOSIE ), *25 and ’26 respectively, were married at Carupano, Venezuela, January 3rd. REV. VAN V. EDDINGS, ’13, officiated. Their honey­ moon was spent in Trinidad, British West Indies. —o— JULIUS RAPLEE, ’24, Puerto Santo, Venezuela, finds plenty o f opportunity for personal work. In a letter he was telling of the way in which he had been used to touch the life of the leading official o f the town. It seems that as Mr. Raplee was on his way to a prayer service he was in­ vited by the drunken mayor to drink with him. The preacher refused, thanking him and telling him that the Holy Spirit sup­ plies all our needs and gives us great and abiding joy. They sat down and talked a while about the Lord. When they parted, the mayor was quite apologetic and asked what the preacher would like to have him do. He was invited to a bap­ tismal service. He came, and appeared quite impressed, and even went so far as to invite the missionaries to go back with him in his own boat. —o—• REV. AND MRS. W. E. PIETSCH (nee MILDRED HANNA ) have felt led to give up their work in the Church of the Open Door to go into full time evan­ gelistic service. As an assistant to Dr. John McNeill, Mr. Pietsch has made many friends and proved his worth. His

Walton says: “ I have enjoyed the three months here so much and I wish you could hear my Seminary Glee Clubs, men and women, sing. One o f the first tenors has a wonderful voice and I never knew the Chinese could sing so well. W e had a recital in November and they did fine. One of the men has studied piano nine years; thus he and I have had some fine times playing duets together; he plays very difficult music. I am sorry that he is graduating this year so we will lose him. My work in music consists o f class- work, notation, sight-singing, and .con­ ducting. How thankful I am for the help that MR. TROWBRIDGE gave me while at B. I. As I get the language I will work with the Evangelistic Bands and I love that more than any other branch o f fhe work.” Judge Not Judge not! for one unjust reproach an honest heart can feel, As keenly as the deadly stab made by the pointed steel. The worm will kill the sturdy oak, though slowly it may die; As surely as the lightning-stroke swift rushing from the sky. Judge not! —o— Someone Suffered Where’er you ripen’d fields behold Waving to God their sheaves'of gold, Be sure some corn o f wheat has died, Some saintly soul been crucified: Someone has suffer’d, wept, and pray’d, And .fought Hell’s legions undismay’d.

How Would You Like This? - - - - — A'- Quarterly P r i n t e d News Bulletin, similar to that published by Moody In­ stitu te-sen t out to all for­ mer students. T h i s >would contain complete news about the Institute and its grad­ uates. Drop a line to W . A . Kelly and let him know whether or not you would appreciate such a publication.

place will be difficult to fill. They will have some time on their schedule during the late spring and early summer and will be glad to fill engagements in the middle West and East. Should the way be open, they expect to go to England, Scotland and Ireland and on to the Continent for special meetings. OSCAR. F. W A L TON ,’24, writes an in­ teresting letter about his work in Tengh- sien, Shantung, China. He is at present on the faculty of the North China Theolog­ ical Seminary, having begun work there the latter part of September. Writing of his work, in the Music Department, Mr.


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