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April 1928

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sinning, the second in suffering, and the third in repenting,”—Sterne. “ Everyone is familiar with business failures caused by drink, but it is some­ times supposed that intemperance does not materially interfere with the success o f the laboring man. But R. F. Travelick, president o f the National Eight Hour League, declared: ‘The use o f liquor and its influences have done more to darken labor’s homes, dwarf its energies, and chain its hands and feet to the wheels of corporate aggression than all other influ­ ences combined.! In August, 1918, the National Coal Association issued a signed statement ,1 saying: ‘ ‘The country cannot have both liquor and sufficient coal this winter. Nor can the country keep liquor in the mining section now and have coal later on.’ W. R. Bailey, who has worked in shipyard pattern-shops for thirty years, says: ‘The change from beer to milk has been a mighty good thing for everybody concerned. Things are different now. These men who are drinking milk have clean skin, clear vision, and clear minds. They are able to do a fair day’s work every day, and can make a little extra effort when necessary. That’s old stuff about beer being necessary for the work­ ing-man.’ Are intelligent people going to be fooled again by such ‘old stuff’ Sherman Wallace. In the home, it is kindness; In business, it is honesty; In society, it is courtesy; In work, it is fairness; Toward the unfortunate, it is pity:;.^ Toward the weak, it is help; Toward the wicked, it is resistance; Toward the strong, it is trust; Toward the penitent, it is forgiveness; Toward the fortunate, it is congratula­ tion; Toward God, it is reverence and love. —o— I llustrations on T he T opic Dan Crawford tells the story of a group of black men that traveled many miles to tell o f a dream that had revealed to them that man is nothing and God is all. Craw­ ford did not laugh at the dream, but built upon it. ( “When the Greeks in John 12 said, ‘We would see Jesus,’ the Master spoke of drawing all men unto Him. This is His method. Drawing. Not forcing. It must be^ our method too.”—James Barbour. “ True religion is not what men see and admire; it is what God sees and loves; the faith which clings to Jesus in the darkest hour; the sanctity which shrinks from the approach o f evil; the humility which lies low at the feet o f the Re­ deemer, and washes them with tears; the love which welcomes every sacrifice; the cheerful consecration o f all the powers o f the soul; the worship which, rising above all outward forms, ascends to God in the sweetest, dearest communion—a worship often too deep for utterance, and than which the highest heaven knows nothing more sublime.’&R ichard Fuller. “The spirit o f true religion breathes gentleness and affability; it gives a native, unaffected ease to the behavior; it is so­ A pril 29, 1928 Religion o f Others Rom. 14:1-13 (Missionary Meeting) What is Christianity ?

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cial, kind, cheerful; far removed from the cloudy and illiberal disposition which clouds the brow, sharpens the temper, and dejects the spirit.”—Blair. “ Personal Christianity is not a creed, however orthodox; not a ritualism, how­ ever Scriptural; not a profession, how­ ever outwardly consistent; not a service, however seemingly useful; but is Christ in man.” “ So live that, when thy summons comes to join The innumerable caravan that moves To that mysterious realm where each shall take His character in the silent halls o f death, Thou go not like the quarry slave at night, Scourged to his dungeon, but, sustained and soothed By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch About him and lies down to pleasant dreams.”- —Bryant. —o— “The body o f all true religion consists, to be sure, in obedience to the will o f the Sovereign of the world, in a confidence in His declarations, and in imitation of His perfections.”®Burke. “ Religion is life, philosophy is thought; religion looks up, friendship looks in. We need both thought and life, and we need that the two shall be in harmony.”—James Freeman Clarke. “A man in. whom religion is an inspira­ tion, who has surrendered his being to its power, who drinks it, breathes it, bathes in it, cannot speak otherwise than religiously.”—J. G. Holland. I The true religion o f Jesus Christ our Saviour is that which penetrates, and which receives all the warmth o f the heart, and all the elevation o f the soul, and all the energies, o f the understanding, OBJECT LESSONS OF SCRIPTURE (for S.S. Teachers, Preachers and Leaders of Children's Mtgs.) By CHAS. EICKENBERG u ,7 V fU. G-umpieLo w orsaDie taiKs in eacn, 15c each booklet. Thousands sold and used; much blessing a result. Send a quarter for 2 sample booklets. Bible Inst. Colportage Ass’n. 810 N. LaSalle St., Chicago 1,000,000 Gideon Bibles Distribution to be concluded June 30 Results unquestionable. Testimonials furnished. Funds solicited. $1 places Bible in any U. S. hotel. Write The Gideons, 140 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, III.

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